Elections in Chile: Gabriel Borek’s proposals | What does the left candidate suggest?

“PIA” is the name given to the leftist candidate Gabriel Borek He submitted his proposal for this second round of Presidential elections in Chile. The text includes what was discussed with the two teams of former candidates, Marco Enriquez-Ominami and Jasna Provosti.

Borek said that in these programmatic lines it was clear that there were points of contact between the proposals of his former rivals from the left and the center.

“The urgent need to restore quality jobs is common, particularly in the case of women, and decisively support small and medium businesses, as well as promote growth and progress in the process of sustainable economic recovery and adaptation to the climate crisis,” he explained.

There are also coincidences in the need for a new pension system that “operates on social security principles, increases pensions for current and future retirees and where citizens do not want to have more AFP (pension fund managers); and a new health system with one insurance that does not distinguish between rich and poor.”

He also highlighted the agreements that require economic growth and gradual tax reform for these improvements, in order to “responsibly finance reforms and thus ensure a path of fiscal consolidation, whereby every new committed spending is guaranteed financing.”

In the proposal, Borek raises four themes: foundations for sustainable growth, pension system reforms, health and taxation.

sustainable growth

The first chapter presents sustainable growth that reaches “everyone, especially women and MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)”, as stated in the text.

It is proposed to restore work participation for the people most affected by the pandemic, which is why it is understood that it is necessary to re-design benefits and focus them on women.

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Training and functional retraining will also be enhanced to counteract the effects of technology.

As for small and medium enterprises, they will support development and innovation.

pension system

With regard to pensions, a new system without pension certificates has been proposed with the aim of “realizing the right to social security, increasing current and future pensions in a sustainable way”. This system will be public and will be financed by contributions from employers, workers, and taxes.

A comprehensive basic pension of $250,000 ($297 in current value) is proposed for all adults over 65.

In this chapter, gender equality is promoted in order to “ensure de facto equality for women”. This is achieved through: The rules of equal representation in the system devices. use of unisex scales for life expectancy; Support gaps in pensions for unpaid care reasons, regardless of whether the caregiver is a woman or a man.

health care system

The program says improving the health system will be a “priority” in the Borek government. The proposed model focuses on primary care, is based on the public system and is funded progressively through public taxation.

“It is essential to increase justice, equity and solidarity in the system, make efficient use of resources, promote a healthier society, ensure that people have financial protection against health expenditures and ensure timely access to dignity and quality,” it says in the document.

tax reform

The final chapter refers to the implementation of tax reform. Income tax is proposed for large corporations. The document states that the country’s capital income today “pays a proportionately lower tax than that which comes from labour, resulting in unwarranted inequality”.

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Another point is the reduction of exemptions that “generate unjustified tax expenditures”, and the introduction of a wealth tax (including a tax on the wealth of the super-rich); green taxes; Royalties for large-scale mining and measures against evasion and avoidance.

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