EB-2 Visa: This is how you can apply to work in the United States

Colombians interested in traveling to the United States and working there must apply for a second preferential work visa (EB-2), which for many foreign nationals is an attractive document leading to permanent citizenship. Courtesy: Infobae

There are many people who They want to go to work In the various fields of knowledge of the United States, however, the North American nation requires an official document in order for foreigners to carry out said activities.

Therefore, Colombians interested in traveling to the United States and working there, They must first apply for a visa Employment Second Preference (EB-2), which for many foreign nationals is an attractive document leading to permanent citizenship.

Second, to create an EB-2 visa application, those interested must have a job offer (official and authorized by the US government) from their employer or contractor and a certification Work status issued by the Labor Department to United State.

According to the Immigration and Visa website, to request the document, a person must Show that your professional profile deserves to be indexed As an advanced degree or as a person of exceptional ability.

In addition, the portal indicated that to prove these aspects, a person must prove that he has a professional degree higher than the American baccalaureate degree or its equivalent abroad.

To comply with the above, the applicant can officially transcribe documents to legalize, complete and certify the studies undertaken. In return, you must take an evaluation from a US-approved educational agency.

Likewise, those interested in obtaining the Document for Exceptional Competence must comply with any requirement specified in the Certificate of Employment and with at least three of these requirements:

  • Letters documenting that you have at least 10 years of full-time experience in the profession.
  • A permit to practice the profession or a certificate for it or a profession.
  • Official academic records detailing that you have a title, diploma, certificate, qualification or similar award conferred by a university college, tertiary institution, school or other official center of higher education, related to the field of work in which you work has exceptional ability.
  • Documents proving that you have received a salary or other type of remuneration for services that prove you have exceptional ability.
  • Membership in one or more professional societies.
  • If you are a member of any professional association.
  • If you have or will receive a high salary or other type of remuneration for your activities and/or services, demonstrating your exceptional ability.
  • Recognition by colleagues, government agencies, and professional or commercial organizations of outstanding achievements and contributions in your field or field:
    • Other similar eligibility sample will also be accepted.
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It should be noted that people who show exceptional abilities in the fields of technology, science, mathematics, engineering, arts, and business, among others, can also qualify for the said visa.

Also, the applicant must prove that it will comprehensively benefit the United States, Promote the culture, economy, education and general welfare of the nation and its inhabitants.

However, there is another way to apply for a visa without having to obtain a valid official offer from a US contractor, and this can be accomplished through a “national interest waiver”.

However, a person may be excused if his proposed projects have an adequate impact at the national level and, in return, have the necessary tools (intellectual, financial, positional, and strategic) to give life and development to said project.

Finally, those interested can consult in detail United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Policy Handbook (USCIS) which has more information about eligibility for the National Interest Waiver.

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