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Check out the latest official report from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) about earthquakes that hit Canada today, Wednesday, July 19, across the Canadian territory.

In this article you will be able to follow Latest news about earthquakes recorded in Canada todayWednesday, July 19, according to the official report of . When and where was the epicenter? How long did it last and how big was it? Major seismic zones that fall under researchers’ watchful eye British Columbia, St. Lawrence River or Ottawa River Valley. It is known that the current government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is preparing for emergencies in the face of a strong earthquake.

Earthquake in Canada today, Wednesday, July 19

There are approximately 4,000 to 5,000 earthquakes in Canada per year. A natural phenomenon can destroy infrastructure, destroy buildings, cause power outages, displace communities, and even cause deaths. Earthquakes in Canada are most common along the Pacific coast of British Columbia where about 20 percent also occur along the St. Lawrence River and the Ottawa River valleys.

Other cities can also cause tremors Charlotte Islands, Skagway, Quebec, Vancouver, British Columbia, Ottawa, Montreal, and Haida Gwaii. For this reason, one of the first measures adopted for earthquake prevention in the country is the application of 50 earthquake early warning sensors promoted by Jonathan WilkinsonCanadian Minister of Natural Resources, W Bowen MaBC Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Preparedness. The aforementioned system will only be operational in 2024 for citizens in British Columbia.

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