This optical illusion falsely takes you into space

No, this photo is not taken from space but rather from a room

An optical illusion is usually defined as any illusion of vision that leads us to misunderstand reality. This means that every illusion is nothing more than an error that we create in our brain because we are interpreting at that moment a reality that is not. Next is Good example from him.

The cover image that has spread in recent days takes us unconsciously into space, and we do not know the exact location, but it seems that the astronaut on duty took a beautiful shot of the Earth on one side of the lens, one of which seems to show us the curvature of the planet with the ocean, clouds, and even layers of the atmosphere and something similar to the stars in the universe.

let’s see picture:

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But the reality is very different. We are faced with the simple yet effective illusion of optimization, which plays with the human brain because it is not what it seems. That is, if we simply turn the image on its side, we notice how in reality there is an image of a city skyline with the faint light of the sun gently illuminating the sky.

Image for an article titled This image is not taken from space, but taken from Earth

Cat became popular on the internet after being named as a famous Italian flag caller Massimo Share the photo on April 4th. Since then, it has received a staggering five million views. A photo taken really a long time ago, as they say in petapixel.

The media traced the history of the photo and discovered that it was taken from a high-rise building on Katipunan Street in Manila (Philippines) by a man named. Jamu Vividal.

Whatever the case, it is a perfect example to prove once again what optical illusions are capable of. Remember, in most cases the fault is only our fault and our mind up Quick to the first conclusion before we realize what we’re really looking forward to.

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