Discover the full story of the Resident Evil series, the survival horror that revolutionizes zombie horror

We all have Resident Evil in our memory, first because of its gameplay, but definitely because of its history, events, and characters. For all fans of the saga, on the occasion of its latest premiere, we wanted to relive its plot, everything that led us to this moment because of Umbrella’s biological experiments.

Story of the The Resident Evil video game saga (Biohazard) has been built for 25 years now, through a number of conspiracies, heroes, villains and an everlasting element: viruses. Capcom Post-delivery has surprised us with new twists, sometimes really twisted, that nevertheless have always served to preserve the expectations of its loyal followers, giving rise to many theories and typical “fan stories”.

Now that we have it with us Resident Evil Village, We thought it was a perfect time to remind you of the events leading up to the franchise, and how the narrative progressed in the special fight against the booms and the Umbrella Corporation. Created by the Japanese creator Shinji Mikami, Resident Evil has built its identity based on biological experiences and the presence of charismatic characters such as Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker.

In this special video report, you can see that the plot of Resident Evil isn’t quite simple, but it’s all A network of subframes Which increased in complexity with the increase in the number of births. It gets to the point where it’s very easy to get lost, especially in games like Resident Evil 6, A game with many stories interspersed, sometimes with separate situations, and sometimes a limitation of absurdity. This, as you’ll see, is another key to the Capcom franchise.

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Attention, spoilers! The video deals with the history of Resident Evil and thus includes important spoils about the plot, including Village. However, we’ve divided the video into sections so that you go exactly where you care.

But it has its charm. No Resident Evil does not end with transforming a villain for the umpteenth time, characters who seem to be dead but always alive, classic countdown, some escape or a big blast. Preparing this video report helped us identify the keys to this great story, which is one of the things we wanted to reflect, Game by game, following the chronology of events. So, you will not see the games by the date of release, but in the order they followed them at the narration level.

Obviously, you will not find a detailed history, but the most representative events, so that you can also spend a few minutes entertaining, with good rhythm and a pleasant narration. Uh! If, The video contains important spoilers, So keep that in mind, especially if you are thinking about gaming Resident Evil 8 (Here is your analysis). Anyway, have fun, and don’t forget to let us know in the comments Which game I liked the most in terms of historyWhat do you think generally about the narration of the series or what events lingered in your memory? We read!

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