The Peruvian Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a police investigation against candidate Pedro Castillo

Pedro Castillo (Reuters / Liz Tasa)

The Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office A. Preliminary investigation “at police level” Against the leftist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo, To Allegedly, he made a false management statementLocal media reported, less than a month after his confrontation with Keiko Fujimori on the ballot.

Castillo, from Peru Libre, leads the polls for the second round In recent days the teams have been shortened Fujimori – who is also facing investigations against him – accepted ahead of the June 6 elections.

In accordance with the provisions of the Prosecutor’s Office, Castillo in his statement after oath about his CV as experience working as a teacher since 1995,After intentionally omitting an announcement that he had held the position of General Manager of Consorcio Chotano de Inversionistas EmprendedoresThe newspaper highlighted trade.

He’s available: call and open a preliminary police investigation For alleged crimes against the administration of justice, in the form of a false declaration in administrative proceedings; And against the public’s belief in the manner of public falsehood and ideological falsehood at the expense of the national election jury, “according to the Attorney General’s office statement.

There was also a 30-day period to investigate, Who will be responsible for the Investigation Department of Derivative Complaints of the Public Prosecution Office, and Castillo’s statement should be collected, among other things.

The local tax agency, Sunat, must report whether the company is active, with a temporary suspension or with a permanent cancellation of registration on December 22 of last year, while the body that oversees government contracting, OSCE, must report if the company has requested and won in favor of Governmental contract. “

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Castillo is due to present his government’s plan for the first 100 days of a possible term later on Saturday.

Anna Maria Cordova (Facebook)
Anna Maria Cordova (Facebook)

The party’s legal representative admitted that she had a ruling against her

Anna Maria CordovaThe legal representative of Peru Lieber, the party of the presidential candidate, Pedro Castillo, admitted that he was convicted of Submitting false signatures To the National Jury for Elections (JNE) to register the political formation.

“I am not obligated to wear a marker and say,“ Just in case, I have a verdict. ”In a pack of 1965,500 signatures, 50 of these signatures match, after examining the experts who do so at ONPE (National Bureau of Electoral Processes), Assumed the same fistThe lawyer admitted to the local media successful.

Cordova justified his actions by saying:You have just complied with the job posting of hundreds of people“.

The local newspaper Peru 21 He revealed that the legal representative of the party He was sentenced in 2018 to a four-year suspended prison sentence For a fact that occurred in 2013 and was classified as the use of a forged document.

This infraction became known the day the survey revealed it The distance between Castillo and Fujimori has been reduced to 3 points Before the second round. The percentage of the Peruvian Liberian candidate is at 44%, while that of the daughter of former President Alberto Fujimori has risen to 41%, according to Datum’s first fake vote, published by trade. Meanwhile, 8% of those consulted said they would vote blank.

(With information from Reuters)

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