Discover a trick to make your old iPhones run faster: How to activate them

tech giant An apple It was the focus of fierce criticism in 2017, when Confirmed that it slowed down their old devices Thus maintaining the performance of lithium-ion batteries as they age. However, netizens have found a way to avoid this modification.

Four years ago, the company explained that its iPhone’s electronic components require a minimum voltage to function properly, so when operations exceed the power management system’s capacity, the system shuts down to preserve each component.

This is an intentional action on the part of the company, but until then it was unknown to their smartphone users. On older iPhone models (at least the pre-eight models), Software that slows down phones is installed automatically To avoid power outages or battery problems.

Changing your team’s region to France prevents a slowdown from occurring.

however, This process is not achieved in France teams. As explained by the mediator GizChinaThis is due to a fine imposed on Apple by the European country’s competition watchdog in 2020.

The company was fined 25 million euros (about $30 million) for deliberately slowing down older devices, without explaining to consumers that installing updates would limit the phone’s performance, so they halted the procedure in that country.

Based on this theory, users of the social network Reddit began testing whether Change iPhone region to France This means avoiding slowing down, after which they confirmed that the results are indeed positive.

Apple has battery status settings that show its status.

However, as also explained by Apple, This may cause device battery problems and sudden power outages.

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A recommendation for those who have an iPhone with iOS version 11.3 or higher, is to review the configuration option which records the battery status and reports if there is any kind of deterioration, to see if it is necessary..replace it.

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