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Today at 5:00 PM, experts from American Express, EY and Alsea will talk to us about the plans they have taken to improve business expenses.

Given the emergency we’ve seen since 2020, companies of all sizes have taken a more cautious approach to dealing with business expenses, however, there are already some signs of increasing optimism.

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According to the Global Business Spending Index, compiled by American Express in conjunction with the Center for Economic and Business Research, seven out of ten (70%) companies of all sizes have an optimistic view of the next 12 months; Mexico is the country with the highest percentage of the six countries surveyed at 83%.

Faced with this scenario, some questions arise about how companies are spending after the impact of what happened last year, as well as what areas they prefer and what trends are when it comes to optimizing expenses.

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For this reason, this time we are presenting the webinar: Strategies for Optimizing Business Expenses, under the American Express Business Class webinar series by Forbes Latam. They will accompany us today July 14 at 5:00 pm:

Jose Luis Mejia, Vice President of Marketing, Latin America and Canada (LACC), of Global Commercial Services (GCS) at American Express.

Rafael Contreras, Chief Financial Officer, Alsea

Jorge Lacayo, Principal Partner, EY Parthenon, North America

Moderator: Octavio Valdez, journalist at Noticieros Televisa

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