Diego Santilli joined Nestor Grindetti’s campaign and said that “Together for a Change is the only place in the county that can beat K”.

JxC’s candidate for governor of Buenos Aires, Nestor Grindetti, summoned the mayors and their allies from the Communist Party to analyze the economic, social and political situation of the province. There was a picture to express support as well Statements about the first scenarios and rhetoric for the regional campaign with a view to the October 22 general election. Also participating in the rally was Diego Santilli who was his rival in the inmate and had lunch with the candidate.

Grindetti was accompanied by Vice President Miguel Fernandez and his regional campaign manager, Adrian O’Reilly.

The call was notorious among mayors. He was Manuel Basalia (Saint Nicholas) Jaime Mendez (San Miguel), Diego Valenzuela (3rd of February), Julio Jarro (Silver), Soledad Martinez (Vincent Lopez) Jose Luis Zara (manuscripts), Jorge Echeverry (Wolves), Paul Petricca (Junen), María José Gentile (Chief of Staff of the 9 de Julio, alternate Mariano Barroso), Martin Yeza (Pinamar), Ezekiel Galli (Olavaria), Lisandro Matzkin (Colonel Pringles) Edward Bell (Villegas), Mariano Yosette (Colonel Rosales) Diego Kravets (Lanos), Camilo Echevarin (Dolores), Javier Iguacil (Captain Sarmiento) and Francisco Rato (San Antonio de Areco).

The secret PRO meeting took place in Lanús and took place after the first meeting with mayors and radical candidates that took place last Thursday in La Plata.

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