Did you know? WhatsApp integrates ‘sugar mode’

Think about your users, The social network WhatsApp has included an interesting function to collaborate with sending messages. what is he talking about? Out of choice I would like to avoid sending messages if the account holder is under the influence of alcohol.

The idea was created by La Ferma China Electric Run It provides a kind of protection for “digital dignity”, with a second application The sobriety check will be performed minutes before the aircraft is pressed Indicates sending the message to another person.

And if the persistence is too much, The suggestion will reach other apps So, when the option is activated, You will go to restricted mode If the consumer decides to send other messages in different ways.

It should be noted that in this context, It is the user himself who must determine which functions of the mobile phone will limit them. From the creative company they indicated this “It’s an interactive method and system for smart consumption.”

To activate it, It will be necessary to download the new application that will connect to WhatsApp. Once this step is completed, the “Step Verify” option should be activated for users.

A) Yes, The security feature that generates a six-digit password for identity verification will be activated. If you don’t remember it, the message cannot be sent.

Every seven days the app will request this key To confirm the identity of everyone using the account on a smartphone.

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