Did they offer you a job in Canada? Be careful! It could be a scam

A group of 300 people were defrauded by someone who promised them a high paying job in Ottawa, Canada. The offer was made through the Facebook page.

The company that would hire them worked on behalf of the Building and Construction Trade Department and the only requirement was to contribute 4,000 pesos, on average, for administrative expenses such as passports, medical exams and biometric exams.

Fraud victims demonstrated on the Indoor Circuit, a few blocks from Terminal 1 of Mexico City’s International Airport, in front of the Parque del Niño Quemado.

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“We are a group of people who have been invited to work in construction in Canada, we are supposed to go to Ottawa,” said Miguel Angel Resilas Pavon, one of those affected.

He added that “a man named Sergio Briones Portillo invited people from different states of the republic… We arrived at seven in the morning with the idea that they would lock us up.”

He noted that they were told they would study COVID-19 and other biometrics that were part of the requirements for the job.

He called up the guy who was supposed to hire them at the Hilton at Mexico City Airport, but he never came.

Another affected commented: “They called me through a co-worker, to go to work in Canada, according to work in Canada can be in cooking, gardening and cleaning. I quit my job, I left my children, I left everything to come today.”

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Influencers shared that initially the invitation to work in Ottawa, Canada, was addressed only to a community of Christians in Tlaxcala, but that they invited people from other states such as Puebla, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Chihuahua, and Guanajuato. and the State of Mexico, Mexico City, Chiapas and Guerrero.

After the demonstration, the affected decided to go to Agency No. 63 of the Public Prosecution located at Gate No. 10 of the air station to file their complaint for fraud, but were told that they should be presented at the place where each of the victims of the attack were. Fraud, so those affected began to withdraw.

Find accurate information about Mexico City in the community.

Are you about to take an action? Check here the costs and requirements.


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