Days Gone for PC launches on Steam with half as many concurrent players as Horizon Zero Dawn

However, the community has shown acceptance of the previous PlayStation-exclusive game.

What or what PlayStation decides to bring its games to the PC Here’s great news: Not only is it that more people can run this or that business, it’s also a great opportunity to show the publisher that there is an audience that is really interested in their product. The last address to receive this treatment is Days passed, from Bend studio, Which debuted on PS4 in 2019 and only appeared on PC a few weeks ago. How does this version fare?

It’s hard to know your exact sales, but with help Steam Charts At least it is possible Keep a very rough account Of your activity on the Valve platform. According to the charts, since its launch there has been a file 27,380 peak player. Not bad, even though it was much less than 49,582 players simultaneously had fun Horizon: Zero Dawn When it arrives on Steam in August 2020. Interestingly, the average activity was very similar in both cases, at over 16,000.

91% of Days Gone user reviews on Steam are positive Just a little lower activity numbers doesn’t necessarily mean it’s poorly received, in fact: The Days Gone tab on Steam shows 91% of 4410. User Reviews Posted at the time of this writing is positive – although the game has gone through some controversy due to its data policy – while Horizon has nearly 38,000 reviews of which 80% are “only” positive.

This guy had optimization issues on a good variety of devices at first so reviews have improved as updates arrive and last month they scored 91% positive reviews. While Guerrilla is working on Horizon: Forbidden West para PS5 y PS4From Bend Studio Have players buy Days Gone on PC For Sony to pay attention to the request and decide to work on a file sequelSomething is hanging by a thread right now. You can learn more about Days Gone for PC in our review. Both this and the first Horizon are available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, in addition to PlayStation.

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