Data science and artificial intelligence, synonymous with corporate competitiveness: Ibero Grupo Milenio

the Ibeoamerican University confirmed that Data science and artificial intelligence (AI) are synonymous with competitiveness For companies, since technology simplifies tasks, saves time, improves production processes and reduces operating costs with the aim of obtaining products and services with quality and safety, among others.

“The business world is largely dependent on these resources, which each time combine different platforms to improve production levels and, accordingly, business profitability,” said the educational institution.

He explained that data science is a discipline that he is responsible for, among others Processing information stored in different places and coordinates through the use of mathematical calculation tools.

New methods are used to analyze this data, such as Big data analysis (big data) and business intelligence (business intelligence), which is responsible for transforming raw data into useful and simple information capable of predicting behaviour.

The university added that all this makes it possible to discover patterns and trends in this Facilitate decision-making in the fields of work Where companies will successfully produce new products, goods and services that they will offer to their customers.

He added that artificial intelligence is defined as the ability of a machine or computer system to simulate the behavior of the human mind by analyzing the data obtained. Basically, it allows machines to read, manipulate, understand and learn from data, and this helps in decision making.

One notable aspect is that it is done at a very high speed and with a precision that would be difficult for humans to do. Its field of application in companies is wide and varied and this has allowed the improvement of work procedures, making them reliable, efficient and safe.

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Advantages of data science and artificial intelligence

Among some of the benefits of data science for businesses, the following stand out:

Forecasting customer needs

; promoting innovations and improvements in products and services; identify key behaviors and patterns in consumers to improve business strategies; and use statistics and mathematics to make sound decisions.

Other advantages are: honest expenses and optimization of production processes; and being an excellent tool for recruiting, as it performs exams, tests and selection processes to get the best candidates.

Meanwhile, some of the benefits of AI are: automation of production processes; reduce production costs; promoting innovation and creativity; reduce human errors, problems and risks; Increasing productivity, quality and safety in the work environment and improving corporate finances.


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