crook! Prince Harry will have to face a harsh complaint

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Break with all that can be expected, the Prince Harry Surprise locals and strangers by interviewing Canadian doctor Gabor Mattei. The conversation was meant to catch everyone’s attention, because it came days after King Charles decided to evict Harry and Meghan Markle from Frogmore Cottage, their home in the United Kingdom.

However, what really sparked controversy was that it was a dialogue that was not open to everyone. That is, those people who wanted to come to ask questions to Duke of Sussex They had to pay 30 euros.

he Prince Harry Adds a new controversy in his life. (Twitter)

One of the media that paid an amount of money was the program party Thanks to this, he was able to ask Lady Dee’s son a direct question: “Harry, do you hate your brother?” they asked.

However, much to the program’s frustration, his query did not receive a response and a large portion of Telecinco emerged to attack Prince Harry: “This was a disappointment, with one fundraising effort.”

This was a disappointment

This is how you bought your ticket to participate in an interview Prince Harry. (instagram)

Telecinco magazine editor publicly revealed what happened with Prince Harry She described him and the producer of the interview as a “prankster”: “The conversation lasted about an hour, and in the last ten minutes some questions were answered with little or no interest. What makes me think that this was done only for the purpose of collecting money.”

What was the Prince Harry interview based on?

The London citizen focused his speech, in the first part, on his childhood and how he felt from a young age the difference in treatment between him and his brother, Prince William. This situation is as explained Prince Harryleft a sequel throughout his life.

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he Prince Harry, one of the most controversial figures at the moment. (Twitter)

Finally, he spent a lot of time explaining everything about depression and how hard it is to get out of it. Even a member of the British royal family has also made reference to consuming mar*huana.

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