They will launch a scholarship program for Jewish medical students


It is for students entering college. The scholarship program will cover the entire degree as long as it is progressing and will be around a minimum salary that is vital and mobile.

Health Minister Antonio Bolgobasic commented that they will soon release a Scholarship programme to Jogyu students to Medicine.

“We are about to launch a scholarship program for students who have passed the medical school entrance examination and entered college. Scholarship Program Covering the entire profession while reviewing what they adhere to when they progress in the professionBulgobasic explained.

He stated that the amount of aid would be around the minimum vital and mobile salary “that would allow him to build a medical career” and would go exclusively to Jewish students who meet certain conditions that will be announced later.

The minister affirmed that “the provincial government is working to obtain qualified human cadres, and we are working on various axes such as the use of salary, living and working conditions, and the academic level,” as it was necessary to have a “medical residency law.” And we are working on a free training course for enrollment in medical sciences.”

Morales announced a scholarship program for the counties

500 scholarships for a full stack programmer

Gerardo Morales also announced at the beginning of the 2023 school year Jujuy government will implement a program consisting of 500 scholarships which will be awarded to students with the best 5th grade averages from Jujuy schools..

We have 500 scholarships for training as a full-fledged programmer at Digital House, one of the most qualified companies in training programmers.. In fact, Mercado Libre and all unicorns hire workers with a certificate of study from the Digital House. They started charging $3,000, and those who know English charge between $5,000 and $6,000,” the district chief explained.

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In this sense, Morales highlighted the dictation of the English subject matter in the public schools of Jujuy. “This year we start with English from primary school so that children can not only learn English in private but also in public.”

Governor Gogoi also highlighted the extension of school hours in primary schools. “Another hour is very important because it’s like another year of education throughout the school year. We know that means doing more, but there is no other way but a culture of effort and a culture of work.”

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