Keep the “Canadian Songbird”

For several years, it was Asociación Calidris is promoting Canada Warbler’s action plan in ColombiaCommonly known as Cardellina canadensis.

Canadian Exotic is currently listed as It is an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act form Canada.

It is a migratory bird They fly more than 5,000 km from Canada and the United States, their breeding grounds, to the Andean forests of Central and South America. Where he spends the winter season from September to April.

This means that you are traveling 10 thousand kilometers a year, an incredible thing for such a small birdwhich weighs no more than 15 grams.

The bird is found in Colombia. The species mainly uses the Andean forests, and as a result these systems are degraded by more than 70%.Crops and gardens are also found to be used.

This has become an opportunity to contribute to its preservation with the support of the community, through Improve productivity systems with the implementation of landscape management tools in productive areas and do better production practices.

That’s why he found Caledris An important ally with the environmental foundation DapaViva, an entity that has been developing the business for several years in the local Daba markets.

With DapaViva, he began working with small local producers in rural municipalities Yumbo, Kali and Jamundi, to protect the Canadian songbird and to ensure a suitable habitat for it to live.


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