Closer to a time machine? The investigation suggests that this is possible due to the phenomenon of physics

The concept of a wormhole refers to a kind of tunnel for discovering distant and diverse parts of outer space (Getty)

It is often represented by science fiction art, and travels at that time are the kind of desirable targets for scientists, Although there are not many results yet. However, A.J investigation revealed that Wormholes in space It could be a key Time travel in real life. And a team of experts think they’ve figured out how to do just that.

Research by three scholars The laws of physics And I figured that might happen one day Humans cross galaxies Within seconds, or travel With the passage of timeAccording to the work published in physical review. All this has to do with The general theory of relativity and quantum physics.

In his article, Valeri P. Frolov and Andrei Zelnikov from the University of Alberta in Canada, and Pavel Krtouš from Charles University in Prague They suggested that a certain type of wormhole would “inevitably turn into a time machine if exposed to certain conditions”. Wormholes can be described as space times in which there is a kind of tunnel that connects distant parts of the universe.

Worm rings can become time machines, according to what has been deepened in the investigation (Getty)

The main problem with them is that they don’t exist in concrete form. It was also voiced by physicians Eric Christian and Louis Barbier in a presentation to a pot“Wormholes are allowed in the mathematics of general relativity, which is the best description we have of the universe. Assuming this theory is correct, there might be wormholes. But no one has any idea how they were created, and there is no evidence of anything resembling a wormhole in the observable universe.” “.

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However, many experts in the field of gravity and general relativity have spent years or even decades working on them, including Stephen Hawking on time. In their paper, Frolov, Kartosh and Zelnikov explore what is known as an annular wormhole, which was first described in 2016 by a theoretical physicist. Gary Gibbonsfrom the University of Cambridge, and Mikhail Volkov from the University of Tours.

Unlike the spherical warps of space-time that can be attributed to black holes, the worm-rings proposed by Gibbons and Volkoff connect parts of the universe (or, in fact, different universes) that are generally described as flat.

NASA, the main body responsible for studying and analyzing the universe, considers that wormholes may exist under the mathematical view (Getty)

Also, ring-shaped masses can create some noticeable distortions in otherwise flat space-time when you consider how their electric and magnetic fields interact. And so Frolov, Kartosh and Zelnikov decided to consider two types of wormholes: “One contacts flat spaces; another does it with two distant spheres in the same space.”

For the latter, they concluded, if “a massive thin shell surrounds one of the mouths of the annular wormhole, a curve is temporarily closed.” This means that any moving object (or light ray) will return to the exact same point from which it started. In other words, He can travel through space and time and return to the starting point.

The most exciting aspect of this theory, the authors point out, is that for a ‘ring wormhole, an observer passing through it moves in flat (or nearly flat) space-time, whereas for standard (spherical) wormholes it would have to pass through a sphere filled with matter that violates zero energy state.

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In Frolov’s words, “we show that the corresponding locally static gravitational field in a multi-bond space is not potential. As a result, the time interval fit for clock synchronization grows linearly with time and closed time curves are formed. This process inevitably transforms a traversable toroidal wormhole into a time machine.” At least, in theory. As for practice, they caution that there is still a lot of research to be done.

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