China criticizes Biden for comparing Xi Jinping to ‘dictators’

Signs of calm did not last long. USA President , Joe Bidenis equivalent to its Chinese counterpartXi JinpingWith the “dictators”, which China considered “ridiculous” and “an open political provocation”.

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Referring to the recent crisis in which the United States shot down a Chinese balloon it deemed a spy, Biden said on Tuesday that “The reason (Chinese president) was so upset” when it happened “is that he didn’t know (that device) was there.”.

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“It’s very embarrassing for dictators when they don’t know what happened,” Biden said at a reception for the Democratic Party in California, attended by reporters.

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It’s very embarrassing for dictators when they don’t know what happened.

“When (the balloon) was dropped, (Xi Jinping) felt very ashamed and denied he was there,” the US president added.

China denounced the remarks and on Wednesday called Biden’s comment “ridiculous”.

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“This comment from the US side is really ridiculous, extremely irresponsible and does not reflect reality,” said Mao Ning, a foreign ministry spokesman. It’s an “open political provocation.”The spokesman added that he was asked about this statement in a regular briefing.

Russia also criticized Biden’s remarks. The Kremlin on Wednesday said so Comment reflects Washington’s “unpredictable” foreign policy. “This is a very contradictory statement of US foreign policy,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

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‘good job’

This exchange happened after the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenwill wrap up a two-day visit to Beijing on Monday, the first visit by a US top diplomat in nearly five years.

The two countries spoke highly of his meeting with Xi Jinping Success after months of stressAlthough deep disagreements persist.

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Biden also said about China and Xi You are now “in a position where he wants to have a relationship again.”He praised Blinken’s “good job” in Beijing. But the US president warned that defusing tensions between the two world powers “will take time”.

Biden, 80, and candidate for re-election, also raised concerns about the Asian giant by telling donors that “China is in real economic trouble.”

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The rivalry between China and the United States turned into an open diplomatic crisis with February’s balloon episode.

President Biden has pointed to another sticking point with China: the summit in May at which the leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the United States — known as the “Quad” — criticized Beijing’s policy in the Asia-Pacific region, which they see as a source of instability.

The four countries “work hand in hand in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.”Biden said it was the show of unity among the four countries that “really bothered” the Chinese president.

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Tuesday’s statement wasn’t Biden’s first strong statement at a fundraiser, usually small events without cameras or recorders where reporters listen and take the president’s opening remarks.

During an event like this, in October 2022, Biden mentioned, for example, the danger of a nuclear “apocalypse” unleashed by Russia.

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