Spain wins the Calatayud International Under-19 Basketball Championship against Brazil

The Spanish national under-19 basketball team defeated Brazil yesterday and won the international tournament That for three days the team directed by Danny Merritt faced future stars from Rio, as well as from Canada and Japan in the city of Calatayud. He did it in front of a sports center packed with people in the stands and especially with many young people, including the Belbelitan Youth Academy. Dani Meret’s men, in whose ranks are Aragonese Alejandro Moreno and Lucas Langarita, come out unbeaten from their home half, and tomorrow they will go to the World Cup in their category in Hungary.

In the last confrontation where the two teams arrived undefeated in the treasury, The national team started out overwhelmingly at 7-0 This, far from leaving Brazil unanswered, galvanized them and made them stand in the first quarter in which they led by two points. Midway through the second round, Merritt’s men led by seven, an advantage that only increased after the locker room, and reached 72-57 in the end.

Izan Almanza, the game’s top scorer with 15 points, was flanked by Papa Miller’s success, Jordi Rodriguez and Moreno himself. And as Merritt predicted before the date began, No resource is left in the pipeline. In the battle for the third and fourth places, it was Canada that took the final spot on the podium by defeating Canada in a duel of their own.

The Spanish team, based in the city since the end of May, will spend a relaxing day this Wednesday before leaving tomorrow for the World Cup in Hungary. About the sports consultant Hector Sarria’s championship tally is “amazing”. He appreciated “on a sporting level some matches of a very high standard have been seen; as far as sporting promotion is concerned, the wing has never been like this.”

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Sarria thanked the Belbelis Basketball Club for its cooperation, which he admitted The organization was “significantly high”, but they are confident the improvement will continue. Meanwhile, in terms of tourism, he noted that the three international teams “remained here, and their relatives came and it was announced that they will be staying in the city.” Also remember that even ingredients from Japan have a guided tour.

“The feedback we’ve received in terms of the sports facilities, accommodation and logistics has been positive. We’re already talking to see what we’re organizing in 2024 and so on.” Calatayud come any class of the Spanish FederationThe mayor admitted.

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