China and Japan finished the first week ahead of the US in the medal table in Tokyo

China, with 19 gold, 10 silver and 11 bronze, and Japan, on course to break all of their records with 17 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze, to overtake the United States in the Olympic medal table in Tokyo when it was at the end of Friday. Program, it’s the first week of the competition.

We have to go back to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the last that the US didn’t win and the only one where China won the final medal table, so we don’t see North America at the top of the table at the end. The next seven days when the games open.

The gold balance less fresh than expected in swimming is responsible for this change. At the end of Friday, the Stars and Stripes had 24 pool medals, but only six golds.

His medal table reflects 14 gold, 16 silver and 11 bronze. 41 medals is more than any other country, but what matters is the gold metal.

On the first medal day, last Sunday, the United States missed the Games for the first time since Munich 72.

At this point in the 2016 Rio Games, the US delegation topped the table with 20 medals for a total of 48 medals, followed by China with 13 (37 in total), Great Britain with 7 (21) and Japan also with 7 gold medals. (24).

In 2012, the United States also topped the medal table with 21 golds and 43 medals, only one more gold than China (42 medals), well ahead of 8 (22 in total) for Great Britain, France (19) and Korea (14). ).

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China won 23 gold and 39 medals in the opening week of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the United States 14th and 45th and Germany 8th and 14th.

In the first 7 of the 16 medal days, Japan has outperformed at the Games what is already expected of the host nation.

He has already surpassed his all-time high in gold medals by one, 16 won in Tokyo in 1964 and Athens 2004, and, with 28 medals, thirteen of his best, 41 won at Rio 2016.

Seventy countries have already entered the medal table for the Games; 42 They won some gold.

Behind China, Japan and the United States, are Russia, Australia, Great Britain, Korea, the Netherlands, France and Germany, which complete the top ten.

Spain, which took two silvers and a bronze, shares 43rd place with Colombia. EFE

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