Colombian girls are going to NASA’s Space-Science-Life Center

31 Colombian girls Between 9 and 15 years of age in a state of weakness will have the opportunity to prepare and be inspired by a companion NASA Space Center, in a Houston, Texas, thanks to the signed alliance between the Colombian She Is Foundation and the NASA Space Center, a center for science learning and space exploration that opens the doors to NASA missions).

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The program is an astronaut with academic immersion, developed for five months with pre-immersion virtual classes, with components such as a meet, talk and webinars with astronauts, CEO of space center And a high-impact speaker.

The girls participating in this program are located in distant regions of Colombia, such as Putumayo, Chocó, Bolivar, Meta, Santander, Magdalena and Cundinamarca. Despite the communication difficulties, they have found ways to successfully complete the training by hiking or with the help of neighbors and friends.

This first mission called She is will end with a 5-day visit to NASA where they will receive a curriculum and study plan. They will carry out training activities, interact with astronauts, and graduate at one of the largest Steam education centers in the world, the NASA Space Center.

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In October 2019, the coalition that would influence Colombian girls was signed in Houston. The goal is to empower, motivate and inspire them to be an icon and a role model for millions of girls, as they will be the first Colombian girls to attend a program in this world organization that represents the history of our country and their history according to the HE . Foundation.

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This program was developed for the first time between the She Is Foundation and NASA’s Space Center and with support from Ecopetrol, Avon Women’s Foundation, Mastercard, UN Women, Bancolombia Foundation, Goya, Success Women Foundation, Zoraida Cadavid Institution, the Santander Government, and the Vice President, who is bidding farewell to them.

The crew will arrive in Houston where they will enjoy their stay using the dynamics of leadership, motivation, encounters with female astronauts and the region that allow them to expand their vision of life. Likewise, they will experience different skills, knowledge and ways of thinking when working as a team, providing solutions in an innovative and unified way to achieve success when life is at stake and responsibilities are required.

Through these tools, they will also be able to encourage girls and women in these branches and areas of immersion that change their vision of life and empower more girls, being multipliers and spokespeople for opportunities in their lands.

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