Popeyes will open 200 new stores in the US and Canada this year

Popeyes opened 208 new restaurants last year.

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Popeyes has big expansion plans for 2022. The fried chicken chain will open more than 200 new locations in the US and Canada this year.. Popeyes also said it will open additional locations in several other places around the world, including South Korea, France, India, China and the United Kingdom.

More than half of new Popeyes locations scheduled to open in 2022 will include the double-pay feature, which is designed to get customers across the line faster.

Popeyes will also implement improvements to kitchen technology to help employees work more efficiently..

Some of the new restaurants will be in New York City, including a new flagship location in Times Square, as well as others in Manhattan and Staten Island.

The Times Square Restaurant will open in the fall and will have special features like new architectural design, Popeyes-branded merchandise, and electronic self-service kiosks.

Popeyes is one of the fastest growing brands of international brand restaurants, which also owns Burger King and Tim Hortons. “Popeyes is one of the fastest growing brands within RBI, particularly when it comes to building new restaurants. Most of the growth is expected in the United States and Canada, where business has accelerated significantly,” said Sami Siddiqui, president of Popeyes.

In 2020, sales at Tim Horton restaurants fell 17.5%, and sales at Burger King locations fell 11.1%. Conversely Popeyes sales increased 17.7% in the same periodThanks, in part, to the chain’s popular chicken sandwich.

Last year, Tim Hortons and Burger King regained their sales, up 12.5% ​​and 15.9%, respectively.

In 2021, Popeyes also saw an improvement in its sales, which increased by 7.3%.

Popeyes opened 208 new restaurants last year.

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