Union makes strength

while In Spain and southern Europe the deepest summer lastswith patron saint festivities, The school year in the United States has already begun. Not just the little ones. Also back congestion, traffic and lines to buy lunch or order a coffee. Normal, wow. With one caveat, it’s rainy season. In the tropics it rains every day for a short period. Sometimes it is copious. Sometimes not. You haven’t touched a strong hurricane yet.

I hope it doesn’t play out, but… end of August and mid-September are the usual dates for a repeat.

the miamiros They act as if nothing is wrong. the technicians They also get back to their routine. Shrimp Societya group created just over two years ago by Chris Daniels, a young entrepreneur, is progressing as one of the most interesting initiatives.

In May, they held their first program, allied with Venture Miami, the office that promotes investment and new business in the city, a new program at Office Logic, a recently created co-working space in Edgewater, near Wynwood, the must-checkout area, And the financial boycott is in equal parts.

Photo courtesy of Shrimp Society. Photo: Ryan Rea

This Monday The second batch of companies born in Miami started. Within six weeks they will go from an idea to a prototype. On Monday and Wednesday afternoons, they meet for their classes, mentoring, and brainstorming.

What they always told us was Silicon Valley garage, but with palm trees, festive clothes, and reggaeton.

Paddle and work

Sports and business. nothing new. Golf is played and it is also done in the Bernabeu square. However, it is another symptom paddle fever; Is that the courts have become a space to establish relationships that go beyond friendship and luxury. Also to work.

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Lazo, a Miami-based startup with Argentinian roots, is promoting the Miami Pádel Venture Club, which It brings startup founders and investors to the courts. The magic arises, almost always, in the post-game, in confidential conversations.

Among the entrepreneurs, initially from Latin America, primarily Spain and Argentina, it was common to play racquet tennis. Even some intrepid Americans took a very small step beyond pickle ball. Now that they’ve tried paddle tennis, they’re looking at technology.

Ricardo de las HerasKnown on the slopes by Richie de las Heras, as a player sticking to the top ten, a few years ago he was an investor in startups, as well as a director and founder of paddle tennis clubs. The fusion of sport and problem solving promoted by technology has led to the creation of Padel YVR, a virtual reception that automates clubs and manages to increase the amount of occupancy in a club.

Sport and technology, more and more, go hand in hand.

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