Canada requires Mexicans to work for $ 36,000 processing

Canada You are looking for 29 Mexican To work in a seafood processing factory. paying off $ 36,000 a month, Approximately.

The Show Posted by Employment portalAffiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, so the immigration process is fully documented.

If you apply, SNE will give you the advice you need to process your work permit and immigration. They also posted the show on their official Facebook account.

Employ yourself as a seafood processor approximately $ 36,000.00 pesos. in Canada. Requirements ➡

Posted before Employment portal at Wednesday 27 January 2021

Activities to do in Canada

The 29 chosen to work in the factory will have to process crustaceans. Cut, clean and Prepare fish or shellfish For their packaging in addition to participating in the tasks of packaging.

Job characteristics in Canada

The job requires repetitive tasks and a long walk, so applicants need “hand-eye coordination,” good physical condition, and a taste of what they do.

Those who get the job will start working April 12, 2021 en Richibicto, New Brunswick. The The contract is for five months. 40 to 65 hours working per week.

The approximate monthly payment $ 36,000 MXN, But it’s divided into weekly payments.

The recruitment portal indicates that the employer will pay the transportation costs and that he will also be “responsible for 14 days of quarantine.” Residence During the term of the contract, you don’t need to worry about housing.

Requirements to work in Canada

1) They accept men and women. There are 29 places.

2) There is no minimum education requirement.

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3) Priority will be given to those who have basic English, at least.

How to apply for work in Canada?

Those interested should apply at the National Employment Service office. Give click here To see which one is closer to your home.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can apply first Telephone reports. Give Click this link to download the phone book And take care of every nation.

Once you know the number to call, express your interest in jobs in Canada. They will tell you which documents to submit and guide you through the application process. You can also express your doubts by calling the toll-free number 800841 2020.

Check out the job offer Here. Open it in Internet Explorer, as other browsers might have problems opening it.

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