Canada does not know the origin of the UFO, which was shot down in February in the Yukon

Toronto (Canada), March 7. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said Tuesday that Canadian authorities still do not know the origin of the flying object that was shot down over Canada’s Yukon Territory on February 11, but it does not appear to have been operated by a foreign government.

Anand pointed out to a parliamentary committee that neither the object dropped over the Yukon nor two others that were also shot down on the same dates off the coast of Alaska (USA) and on Lake Huron, on the US-Canada border, appear to have “belonged” to foreign government entities.

The Secretary of Defense also indicated that efforts to recover the remains of the three UFOs have been suspended.

Canadian lawmakers also questioned Anand about the discovery of Chinese surveillance buoys in Canadian Arctic waters.

The buoys were discovered and recovered last fall by the Canadian military although their existence was not revealed until after the Chinese observation balloon that had flown over Canada and the United States was shot down on February 4.

Anand said today that the buoys were collected for “operational safety reasons” though he declined to give further details so as not to provide “advantages” to his opponents. EFE


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