Cecilia Rodriguez: Measures that have positively affected strategic areas of the economy have been implemented in Morelos

Strategies implemented in 2022 to enhance the entity’s productivity and competitiveness were seen before the LV Legislature

The head of the Department of Economic Development and Labor (SDEyT), Ana Cecilia Rodríguez González, appeared before the Congress of Morelos in order to report on actions aimed at increasing the competitiveness of companies and compliance with optimal working conditions conforming to the Gloss of the 4th Government Report covering the 2022 period.

The official explained to the deputies of the LV Legislature that in terms of work, respect for individual and group rights is being strengthened, as well as the creation of inclusive, safe and decent jobs that allow raising the quality of life of citizens and preserving work. harmony.

In this sense, he explained that, according to the data published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) last year, the entity registered more than 217 thousand people in official jobs and held 19 employment fairs, achieving the entry of 1958 individuals.

In the same way, from the General Directorate of Labor Inspection (DGIT), 103 visits were made to various production centers to verify compliance with the guarantees of active collaborators.

“The vision that we have in terms of the long-term development of Morelos and with the participation of the community and the economic recovery strategy, this progress that the region has made can be seen clearly and achieved in tangible and real numbers,” Rodríguez Gonzalez added.

On the economic side, he also emphasized that measures had been taken that had a positive impact on preserving sources of employment and business sustainability, which led to the embodiment of the confidence of multinational companies that expected new investments in the country.

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As a result of the above, and according to data from the Monthly Index of Industrial Activity by the Federal Entity (IMAIEF), issued by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), in September 2022, the region ranked fourth at the national level in increasing its industrial activity by 16.7 percent.

Thus, through the Trust Fund for Business Development and Investment Promotion (Fifodepi), 248 subsidies were provided, benefiting 123 women and 125 men, with a value of 10 million 792 thousand 105 pesos, thus preserving 770 jobs.

Likewise, the President of SDEyT added that through the Morelense Institute for Financing the Productive Sector (Morelos Fund), credits of 227 million 279 thousand 98 pesos have been issued in favor of four thousand 664 companies and also, in alliance with the Nacional. Financiera (Navin), more than 900 million pesos were dispersed, which helped five thousand four economic units.

In turn, the Executive Fund of the Fund for Competitiveness and Employment Promotion (Fidecomp) has authorized the provision of resources of more than 178 million pesos for the preparation of 27 programs and projects with a wide impact, such as the “Sustainable Economic Development” forums and the “Entrepreneurship Round 2022 – Business Expansion and Franchise”.

Also, from the Morelos State Work Training Institute (Icatmor) more than 2,600 courses of different disciplines and categories have been taught, providing tools for different fields of opportunity to 31,618 students.

Similarly, the state official commented that the Morelos Science and Technology Park Trust (FPCyTM) has reached an occupation of more than 90 percent through the settlement of 22 companies and five technology-based institutes with a significant impact on innovation, such as: Grupo Oriental with “BIMEX”; “Solar R + D + I”; Inverter Park and more.

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Therefore, according to Engi, revenues of 2 million 154 thousand 100 dollars were recorded from exports to the United States, Panama and Spain in the chemical and automotive sectors.

On the other hand, the Minister stated that through the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Morelos (CCyTEM), a call for “Financing Frontier Scientific Research Projects” was launched, in which 109 proposals were received in nine branches of knowledge, six winning works were recognized.

Likewise, the promotion of intellectual property and trademark registration, and the management of proudly establishing 96 Morelense brand from various business lines, which were beneficial to 240 entrepreneurs, were also promoted.

In the same context, the “Science Trailer” project was resumed, which involved more than 20 interactive teams and visited the municipalities of Axochiapan, Cuernavaca, Jojutla, Tetecala, Tlaltizapán de Zapata and Zacualpan de Amilpas, promoting scientific careers in nine thousand 340 participants . .

Finally, Cecilia Rodriguez said that these details show that the financial resources that were used in 2022 were managed efficiently and transparently to help improve the state’s economy, which is why she endorsed her commitment to achieving the goals of the state government.

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