Can the account be shared without paying additional fees?

Bloomberg Line – If you have a Netflix (NFLX) account, you may have recently received an email confirming that the free password exchange has officially ended.

The new policy goes like this:A Netflix account is meant to be shared by people who live together in a house’, which means that anyone living outside the home needs their own account or must pay $7.99 per month for an additional member in the US, which is enough to sign up for another platform.

next to, There are a lot of restrictions for adding additional member accounts– First, you can only do this if you’re paying for the more expensive Standard or Premium plans; Standard with ads and basic plans don’t even have the option.

the worst, Standard plan subscribers can only add one additional memberwhile those with the Premium plan can add two.

additional members Titles can only be streamed and downloaded to one device at a time. They can only have one profile, but they can transfer their old profile to the new additional member account.

Although these new rules are boring, The good news is that there are still some ways to avoid them.

How to share Netflix passwords

During the initial testing of changing the password sharing policy, Netflix had a system for how to sign in to a Netflix account outside the home.

If you try to see in, say, Smart TV located outside the account holder’s homeit will launch a message to verify this device.

Account owner You will receive a four-digit code to your email or phone numberYou will need to enter this code on your device within 15 minutes. If so, your device will be verified as part of the family.

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It appears that this is no longer valid. Now that TV can be the home announcerYou can’t sign in to a Smart TV outside your home without moving your entire home to this new location.

It also seems that You can’t sign in to Netflix on a device without first connecting to your home Wi-Fi networkunless you wish to add yourself as an additional member.

but, There are two workarounds for this policy with which you can override the new policyshared by the specialized Lifehacker blog.

  • Sign in to your home Wi-Fi network

First, as mentioned above, Devices that connect to your home wifi are valid in Netflix’s eyes. So if you can, head over to any account at home, log into your device(s), come home and you should be able to watch without any problem.

Maybe Netflix Require you to reconnect at some pointbut since the change is so new, we’ll have to figure out how it works and how long you’ll be able to keep watching.

for now, There is nothing in the help center about needing to verify your site After a certain period of time away from home.

  • You don’t watch Netflix on your TV or streaming box

The second solution, however, is thanks A loophole in the flow of politics– If you don’t watch Netflix on a smart TV or through a streaming box like Roku or Apple TV, you don’t need to set up a home for your account.

As long as you keep streaming on devices like Phones, tablets, laptops, it should seem like nothing has changed.

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You can even cast your phone to the TV (or connect your laptop with an HDMI cable) to enjoy the big screen experience, without the need for an additional monthly fee.

naturally, This isn’t a great option if you prefer watching Netflix on real TV Without the hassle of dealing with screen mirroring or bulky cables.

How Netflix determines who’s in a ‘house’

Netflix determines this based on the TV you’re using to watch its content.. Once you log in or stream from the Netflix app on your smart TV or streaming box, the platform decides that TV is the home anchor, and all devices that connect to the same Wi-Fi network as that TV are its members.

until There is a complicated series of steps to make sure you have a TV in the houseincluding scanning a QR code to verify your account.

Netflix says it uses the IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity from devices that are signed into your Netflix account Determines if the device is transmitting indoors or outdoors.

If you are the account owner or live in the same household as the account owner, Netflix can be streamed and downloadedas long as you have enough screens on your plan.

if you don’t, Netflix reminds you that you have many plans with many prices, including the new ad layer plan. This new policy shouldn’t be a problem if you take your devices with you on the road, as long as they connect to your home Wi-Fi beforehand.

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