Madeleine McCann’s strange haven was found by a couple in Portugal, near the place where the girl disappeared

In December 2007, Retired couple coming from United kingdom who was on vacation in Portugal I noticed some kind of havenwhich they linked to a disappearance Madeline McCann. The little girl was last seen on May 3 of the same year, while enjoying a family vacation in the European country. Despite the fact that tourists immediately reported their discovery, The authorities did not notice to the discovery and, more recently, a new line of research has led to excavations at the site.

Last week, Salads Portugal and Germanyas the suspect was identified in 2020, they cooperated to carry it out Search on the shore of the reservoir Barragem do aradewhere McCann disappeared 16 years ago, in the Algarve.

Archives-. The Portuguese authorities are carrying out an operation on the coast of the reservoirPhilip Amorim – AFP

Retired British couple 66 and 67 years old Who asked to identify himself as Ralph and AnnHe was on vacation in the area. Seven months after Madeline’s disappearance. in one of his ways, Beware of some kind of havenmade up of a row of Arrow shaped rocks They head towards the water and towards the picnic area where they are found Bouquet of roses and a picture of the little girl; As shown daily Mail.

Remembering that gives me goosebumpsThe woman who mentioned that bouquet of white lilies and photo of a three-year-old British girl perched on a stone. According to the couple, after reporting their discovery to Portuguese policeThey took testimonials from them but did not receive any response.

The couple mentioned that the tribute to the little girl included a bouquet of white liliesdaily Mail

Later, after Christian Bruckner arrested As the main suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the German authorities opened up New search line They asked any tourist who noticed something in the vicinity to report it. At that time, when we found him, It was all very strangeRalph warned. He noted, “I thought: ‘Someone threw Madeleine into the water and then came back to erect a shrine in her memory?'” “.

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According to the aforementioned newspaper, The largest search operation has been carried out in recent years, near where Madeleine McCann disappeared, for three days. The material found will be analyzed by the researchers, although they also report this scenario they described Ralph and Ann have disappeared: Portrait of the little girl and the bouquet of flowers. while, Soil samples were taken in the region and sent to Germany for analysis by the authorities.

Archives-. A search was conducted in the reservoir, which lasted three daysPhilip Amorim – AFP

in general terms, The search results did not offer much hope To the little girl’s parents Kate and Jerry. “Of course there are some expectations, but they are not high,” the prosecutor said. Christian Walters. And he added:We are still searching for the bodyAnd there are only other things.”

On her part, the director said Lost Children League, Patricia de Souza CiprianoHe said, “If the new searches at the Arad Dam confirm serious errors in the investigation, then The Portuguese police have to justify themselves And make sure it doesn’t happen again.”


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