San Antonio, the city that surprised me (Texas, United States)

When I learned that the International Tourism Expo in the United States will be held in San Antonio in TexasAlthough I found it interesting to be able to get to know the city, I thought it would not offer great opportunities in terms of tourism.

Once I arrived and began my visit, I found a city that, in person, It ended up pleasantly surprising me In many aspects.

I’ll tell you a little about what I was able to see in the city of San Antonio during the IPW.

The thing that surprised me, and was a general opinion among those who attended IPW, is that San Antonio seems to confuse a big city with a small town.

On the other hand, the general treatment of people everywhere is surprisingly really friendly and welcoming.

There is a wonderful mix of cultures reflected at all times and in all places. Let’s remember it’s a US city, but the Latino feel from Mexico is present throughout.

Its foods, colors, and culture are strongly influenced by its proximity to Mexico.

Attractions and activities in San Antonio

Let’s go into details about what the city has to offer us, where we can find great options in terms of culture, museums, and history. They have it as a symbol AlamoFounded in 1718 as San Antonio’s first mission, the Alamo served as a way station between East Texas and Mexico. In 1836, decades after the mission was over, the Alamo became the inspiration and drive for freedom during Texas Independence. For 13 days, in 1836, about 200 Texas defenders occupied the Alamo, resisting nearly 2,500 soldiers of General Santa Anna’s army in Mexico, which is why it accounts for so much US history.

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In addition, it preserves the old Spanish missions from the 18th century like the San Jasé mission we visited, and going back we can find beautiful, well-maintained hotels dating back to the 19th century.

On the other hand, we saw many shopping centers, art galleries and various attractions, such as the Six Flags amusement park and Sea World amusement park.

The gastronomic offer is undoubtedly something to highlight in the city. There are beautiful places with local details and of course all food chains whether fast food or traditional.

Undoubtedly, IPW 2023 gave me the opportunity to get to know this very beautiful city which, as I said at the beginning, pleasantly surprised me.

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