Burger King uses “smoke signals” to lure crowds into its stores

(Age of Ad) – As UK restaurants reopen their doors to customer consumption, Burger King has gone to work reminding consumers that their burgers are flame-roasted and smoky, with a new campaign from BBH that includes enticing the crowd with “smoke signals”.

An interactive augmented reality experience, which will first appear in spaces Outside the house Across the UK’s largest cities since May 21, it starts with a sign calling for people to scan a QR code to activate Instagram glasses. Using the sticker as a marker, the smoke will go straight to the Whopper and lead it in the exact direction to the nearest restaurant. Digital production company Makemepulse has created a series of directional lenses that create smoke to align with the exact location of the mount and lead the audience towards the BURGER KING.

It’s all part of a larger campaign centered around the smoky flavor of BURGER KING® products. It includes a 20-second TV commercial, directed by Andrew Gaynord of MindsEye, in which a woman discusses her conspiracy theory about why Whopper tastes smoke, and explains that “No secrets, just shoot” in the way the sandwich is prepared.

The TV ad was inspired by actual conspiracy theories about Whopper found on Reddit. “When I first heard the crazy conspiracy theories about the taste of the Whoppers, I couldn’t believe it,” said Philip Guimarães, Creative Director at BBH London, in a statement. We decided to make these theories the basis of a campaign that was very easy to use and fun. ”

The campaign also includes street billboards, and is the first job in the UK to showcase the old, new style of branding and printing.

The spot

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