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All I had to do Ticket master had to distribute 10,000 free tickets to the coronation of King Carlos III and his wife, Camilla, who will be on Sunday 7 May at Windsor Castle.

It was the virtual ticket giant Hired by the BBC, event organizerto communicate with fans and hand out tickets that were allocated through three raffles, but management resulted in what viewers called a real disaster.

This was the last great coronation banquet for the English monarchy: 23 kitchens were built for the appearance of King George IV.

The mechanism was announced by the British royal family on their official website saying so 5,000 people in the audience will receive a pair of passes To join the total of 20,000 people who will attend the celebration, at no entry cost.

Some fans reported that they received an email from Ticketmaster saying they won tickets to the concert. But after hours They have been informed that there are no more tickets left to see Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Andrea Bocelli and British band Take That.

Katy Perry in New York, on April 27, during the reopening of the Landmark store, by Tiffany & Co. Photo: AFP

Participants in the third draw, who felt hurt, explained that the instructions they received to proceed were confusing and contradictory. They have posted screenshots of the messages they received in the email on social networks, letting them know They had a ticket, but had to “act quickly” to remove it, because they would be dealt with on a “first come, first served” basis.

At the same time, they were told that they had until noon on April 27 to appear. If they do not arrive, they will be given to someone else. But they find that it is too late anyway, as the prize has run out.

How many events are expected for the coronation of the new king in England

A Ticketmaster spokesperson told CNN that these rules target people who won the first two draws and didn’t go to collect their tickets. Those The surplus tickets will be awarded “first come, first served” among those who applied unsuccessfully to the lottery., and that for some reason they thought they were participating in a third lottery. Obviously, there were only a few tickets left and they sold out quickly.

Fans who received this email claim they have been misled.

but The BBC was clear in announcing in February that 10,000 places would be spread across the entire UK population and there would be no preference For those who arrived earlier. The chain declined to comment, citing an explanation Ticketmaster wrote.

This adds to the problems the ticket office faced in November 2022, when Her virtual platform fell through due to the huge demand of those who wanted to go to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour And they have applied to the pre-sale. The solution was then to cancel the sale, claiming that they could not satisfy all buyers.

Taylor Swift at a presentation at Madison Square Garden (New York) in 2019. Image: shutterstock

In March this year, Some fans were unable to enter Ticketmaster to purchase tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Who will get the other 10,000 tickets for the actual concert?

The BBC will broadcast live on BBC One, BBC iPlayer, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Sounds (with mobile app) and across its network.

Camilla’s son says he will not call her his queen, and that she did not marry out of convenience, but “to the person she loves”.

He will be among those invited to see the show Volunteers and beneficiaries of the many charities patronized by the King and Queenand who support youth, the military, the environment, their local communities and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Orchestras will interpret some of the favorite themes of royalty and their subjects, joining the spectacle of contemporary artists, singers, dancers and stage performers. (And the)

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