A Jewish school in the UK presented a special version of Adon Olam for the coronation of King Charles III

A Jewish school choir recorded a version of Adon Olam on commission from the umbrella organization of all British Orthodox synagogues.

There is less than a week left until the coronation of the new King of the United Kingdom. Carlos III will receive the crown in an official ceremony on May 6, 2023. Given the importance of this event, many organizations have planned special honors and activities to celebrate the new king.

United SynagogueThe organization that brings together all the Orthodox temples in the country decided to record a new version of Adon Olam for this occasion. Adon Olam is one of the most traditional religious chants for the Shabbat ceremony, and its creation is believed to date back to the 14th century.

This is the song that will be especially dedicated to the new king. But the recording made was for a new version with some changes. Those responsible for recording it are the children of the choir from a Jewish school.

The director of Wienerworld, a music distributor, also participated in the project. Anthony Bruza expressed what the proposal meant to him. “King Carlos III has always been a personal friend of the Jewish community,” Broza said.

In addition, he added that he hoped that “this new recording of Adon Olam will serve as an acknowledgment of the community’s affection for the royal family and our gratitude that we Jews can safely and openly observe our own customs and traditions in the United Kingdom.”

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