Borek’s partner begins the process of canceling the job of the first lady in Chile

From the beginning of the Borek government, Karamanos declared his position in favor of ending the role of first lady.


chief partner Chili pepperAnd the Gabriel boricAnd the Irina KermansToday, I started a process He dissolved the institutional position of the first lady, confirmed that she would not work in the presidential palace, and announced that by the end of the year she would transfer the institutions responsible for her to different ministries.

From the beginning of the Borek government, Karamanos declared his position in favor of ending the role of first lady.

Today, in a press conference with the Ministers of Women, Education and Culture, she announced the transfer of the six institutions she was responsible for as Social and Cultural Coordinator of the Presidency to other ministries.

The political expert noted that despite the fact that the process of leaving this role will begin, she will continue to accompany the President in the relevant protocol work.

He noted, “During the campaign, we committed ourselves to changing this space by assuming this role, and today we have come to report the start of institutional innovations.”

The president’s partner said he had previously met with the board of directors of Integra, one of the organizations he was in charge, and explained that an amendment to the statute had already been approved so that the first ladies were no longer the same. Who heads the organization?

Karmanos indicated that this process will be “gradual”, bringing the foundations closer to the relevant ministries in their regions “in order to achieve programmatic stability.”

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“This process does not change the fact that I am a partner and companion of the President, and also a project fighter, so I will continue to support my President and my political project for the government from now on from other places; however, not from the institutional space of the government.

Borek stated on Twitter that his partner’s move “responds to institutional innovation, a reflection of a commitment to integrity and new ways of doing politics.”

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