Bill Gates’s advice that alerted world leaders

In the context of A virtual climate change summit At the invitation of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, Bill Gates Advised (65) what must be done to mitigate the harmful effects of climate change. The Microsoft entrepreneur and founder highlighted the actions that need to be taken in the short and medium term.

Billionaire Bill Gates has committed to the environment like few people, addressing world leaders at the hypothetical summit against global warming. In this context , Urging investment in innovative infrastructure to achieve the clean energy transition.

“This is a promising moment. Young people bring energy and work On this issue, governments around the world are responding to these demands with ambitious commitments. “

However, not everything was pink in his gallery. The businessman warned of the complexity of climate change And insufficient technologies available to comply with the provisions of the 2015 Paris Agreement.

“All zero carbon technologies are more expensive than fossil fuels, however We need new, carbon-free productsThe Microsoft founder affirmed while calling for infrastructure investments to move to a green economy.

To achieve this scenario, Gates said that three conditions must be met simultaneously. First, new technologies that allow this must be developed and deployed Eliminate emissions through the economy; Second, Take advantage of energy markets To fund and disseminate these innovations; And the third Businesses and governments should adopt policies that make commuting cheaper Leaders also need to compensate those who take these difficult steps.

The second day of the virtual climate summit in which Gates participated was fully devoted to highlighting the fundamental role of technological innovation, public and private investment, and economic opportunities for industries of the future. To achieve a carbon-free world. Today’s opening was held by the United States’ Climate Envoy, John Kerry, and Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm and Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo also featured.

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The heads of state of Denmark, Norway, Israel, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore also spoke, as well as specialists from international organizations and energy-related companies.

This Thursday, the first day of the summit kicked off with Biden’s promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030, something other participants have welcomed, given that it is without a contribution. The United States, the world’s second most carbon-emitting country, distance China and the main historical sourceNo change is possible.


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