UK domestic cruises with a maximum of 1000 passengers

Transportation department United kingdom Publication of a new guide on domestic cruises, to be launched from May 17, which sets a maximum capacity of 1,000 passengers and bans groups of more than six people or two mixed families.

It has also been published Hosteltor, Shipping companies are leading the boom in cruise accommodations, with short routes and calls in popular ports.

Although the companies are already offering cruises of limited capacity, the Transportation Department reported this Friday Ships may operate up to 1,000 people or 50% of their capacityWhichever is less, and this capacity applies only to passengers.

In contrast, “groups of more than six people or two families will not be allowed to mix inside, regardless of whether they were originally booked in the same group or not.”

The evidence indicates that “not before 21 June,” in the fourth stage, the British government hopes to remove all legal limits on social communication, which “include cargo capacity limits for national cruises.”

Short trips along the British coast

The company P&O Cruises He was one of the first to offer short breaks and week-long cruises along the British coast during the summer, with the peculiarity that only the British who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and who have received the second dose will be able to board ships at least seven days before the voyage, as well. It is detailed in cruises, it may take center stage in the UK.

MSC Cruises will provide departures from the new cruise terminal in Southampton for British passengers, with or without vaccination.

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The Disney Cruise Line plans to operate two- and three-night rides, as well as limited 4-night round trips from London, Tilbury, Newcastle, Liverpool and Southampton on July 3. Celebrity travelsWith your Celebrity Silhouette, you will have a 6 and 8 night itinerary from the Port of Southampton, with tours offering across Portland, the Scottish Highlands, Belfast and Liverpool.

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