Bilal Falah and Adel Al-Arabi reveal the details of their new series, Mrs. Marvel

They have always dreamed of directing films, but nothing will make Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah believe that they will soon become one of the most talented and sought-after duos of big studios.

They recently launched Mrs. Marvel, a new Disney+ series in which Iman Vellani plays Kamala Khan, also known as Mrs. Marvel, an American teenager of Pakistani descent who grew up in New Jersey City (USA).

Kamala Khan became the first heroine of Islamic culture, as well as the first character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) who did not have a long career in comics.

It is worth noting that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has 28 films and several series produced from 2008 to the present.

The character first appeared in 2013. Kamala is a fan of Avengers and is a gamer and fan story writer who discovers, as a result of her connection to a family legacy, that she also possesses powers. So the story reflects not only the inclusion of the part of the audience that is first reflected in a production of this size, but also Marvel’s celebration through the story of the fanatic who became their idols.

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When did you know you wanted to be a manager?

— Adel Elaraby: Since I was eight years old, I grew up with Steven Spielberg movies like ET, Indiana Jones, and Jurassic Park, and I thought: I want to do that. Since I was eight years old my biggest dream has been to make films in Hollywood.

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Bilal Falah: It took a little longer, and the movies fascinated me. When I saw Jurassic Park I was obsessed with dinosaurs, with Apollo 13 I wanted to be an astronaut, every movie gave me a passion, but when I saw the French movie Hate, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, I felt the world it offers so much nearby, because I’m from Belgium, I felt connected and started In search of who made it, the director, that’s when I knew I wanted to do it.

– Now you have entered the world of superheroes, do you have a favorite character?

—AEA: During my childhood, I grew up in Belgium at the age of 4 or 5, the great hero was Batman, because of the movie with Michael Keaton

—BF: Mine too.

—AEA: It was a great introduction to the superhero universe, where the love for heroes and comics began. And then everything evolved, and then came the X-Men and Spiderman and all these characters that inspired us. Having the opportunity to work in these worlds is an honor for these kids as we were.

—BF: The same story with me, it all started with Batman, Michael Keaton, Gotham City, and in the Spiderman cartoon, it had a huge impact on my life, and now we’re with this heroine near New York, in New Jersey, and it’s unbelievable.

—Your show incorporates diversity into champion performances, how do you feel about that?

—AEA: For us, after lifelong Bad Boys, we thought about the next step, we thought Marvel, without knowing it was there and that we were going to make Mrs. Marvel, we discovered the comics, we fell in love with the character, and we also felt very close to her. She is a 15-year-old Pakistani girl, looking for her identity, because she does not see herself as 100% Pakistani or North American, and this also touches us as Moroccan-Belgian Muslims, and it is also incredible to be able to represent all the women who surround us in our lives with personality, Someone they can reflect on, get to know and give them strength.

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What is the secret of teamwork?

—AEA: It’s like soccer, like Argentina’s team, maybe for us that’s like winning the World Cup, who knows. Everyone has their strengths, in every aspect, like in football formation, where each one is the best in their country, and if everyone is good, they win their prize, maybe that’s it for us, to make Mrs. Marvel for Disney+.

BF: Absolutely.

—AEA: And we also have a great team, VFX, technicians, actors, we’re all one, we’re family.

—BF: Teamwork makes dreams work.

– How did you, as directors, find a difference in the show, or in your art?

—AEA: I think, in this case, the moving part, which was not in the script, we tried to bring the inner world and dreams of the protagonist like this, inspired, of course, by comics, to convince the producer let’s add this, because we also saw that he was not in Any other MCU movie or series. Surprisingly, after introducing it, and explaining why it’s important, he gave us plenty of freedom to visually anchor this idea. They let us use animations, then camera movements, colours, vibrations, montages, music, things that are really our own style, that we like to use in our previous work, as if they were really a brand that was noticed throughout the program.

– After this, which raises the bar so high, how are you?

—AEA: For us or for Ms. Marvell?

– For you and for the show, of course …

—AEA: Batgirl, Gotham City is next. And then we’ll see, if the show is a success, we’ll definitely work together again on another season of Mrs. Marvel.

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—BF: Maybe a second season.

—AEA: Or a movie. We are ready for that. Always as a team…

BF: Always.

Without spoiling, why should viewers watch Ms. Marvel?

– UAE News Agency: They will laugh and cry and feel fear and fall in love because they will feel all the emotions.

—Buff: You’ll feel the growing tension.

—AEA: Goes on escalation.

—BF: Until climax. You will move to the last episode and then boom.

—AEA: And you will finally relax.

—Buff: You’ll feel it in your heart.

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