The snake is one of the chains of the moment

The short series The Serpent was released on April 2 on Netflix, and it was a huge success for the platform.

Since its premiere, the production has managed to stay in the top 10 list of popular streaming services on the charts of countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Belgium.

According to the information published by the magazine Forbes, The series actually broke UK viewing records when it debuted on the BBC in January.

Although Netflix hasn’t announced total audience numbers yet, the aforementioned medium’s metrics place the series as the most successful of the month, after Who Killed Sarah?

The novel, made from the British bill, is in eight parts and tells the true story of psychopath Charles Subrag, a Frenchman who posed as a jeweler for several crimes targeting mainly tourists. He cheated and killed his victims for their money with the help of his accomplices, his girlfriend Marie-Andre Leclerc and Ajay Choudhury.

The man was at the height of his murders when a Dutch diplomat, Hermann Niebenberg, began investigating the murder of tourists in his country and uncovers clues that lead to psychopaths.

Using a confusing schedule with constant flashbacks and flash-forward, production escalates and reunites after its initial episodes into a truly tense and suspenseful thriller movie.

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Netflix: The Serpent is one of the series of the moment

According to Forbes, what makes the series such a success is its “totally electric” script and direction.

The snake also reaffirms the global audience’s fascination with the stories of serial killers and their brutal crimes.

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