Basketball World Cup 2023 | Spain was forced to beat Canada to qualify for the quarter-finals

The national team has to beat one of the big favorites if it wants to reach the quarter-finals

Glory passes epic. once again. The quarter-finals are one game away, but against one of the big favourites. It’s an all-or-nothing duel in a new episode of this collection, which seems to be an inexhaustible resource Talented and never satisfied with success That was before CanadaBecause it cannot be otherwise, we will do our best to seal your ticket to Manila.

Sunday’s defeat to Latvia is a thing of the past. After the match, the “family” gathered to form a team and began to realize that the challenge this time was very complicated. But it is not impossible. He noted that this had already happened many times and could have been reversed; He began to imagine that he was capable of overthrowing the mighty Canada. Shai Gilgeous-Alexanderthe most likely to inherit the ecumenical crown alongside the United States.

If not, tell them Juancho Hernangomez. The Panathinaikos striker’s conviction is complete: “You have to fight for it, you have to give one hundred percent and you have to empty yourself.” “The degree of culpability is 100%. You can’t go into a game thinking you’re going to lose. “If you don’t believe, don’t come and nothing will happen,” he said on Saturday in a meeting with Spanish media at the team’s Focus Hotel in Jakarta.

And his older brother, A Willy Hernangomez, MVP of the recent Eurobasket tournament, who was selected as the conductor of the Spanish choral work on the hardwood at Indonesia Arena. “There is no net. no choice. We have no other choice but to win, give everything, and fight for the match. “All of us here will donate 150%,” commented the eldest of the Hernangomez family.

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The party marches, as it has in all these recent years, through unity; by belief That the whole adds up to more than the parts and through complete trust in the partner. In that and in the weight of a jersey that, unlike the Canadian jersey, already knows what it means to suffer and, above all, what it means to win.

“We are A choice with a long history What keeps us here is to enjoy our time on and off the field. Captain A. said: “We veterans realize this is not the first time young people have seen it on TV.” Rudy Fernandez Who is already a Spanish basketball legend, at the top of the national international rankings. “The work must be empty. We’re not the best team, but we’re not the worst either. We have to give everything for this shirt, and if things go well we will move on to the next stage, if not everything but with the work done.”

Canada is a very complete choice, with Up to 7 NBA players Led undoubtedly by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard who leads the team Directed by Spanish Jordi FernandezScariolo’s former assistant until 2019.

Scariolo who, despite knowing that Spain is not favoured, appeals Commitment and focus For a team that has always exceeded expectations: “We have a few expectations in our favor initially, but no opponent is unbeatable and no match is impossible.”

“There is no need to add plays. If we were a team that was always there and did not achieve things, it did not win… But this is a team with a tradition that systematically exceeds any expectations, which makes us forget the true nature of today’s team,” he said, highlighting what was achieved in China 2019 and Berlin 2022.

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Yes Scariolo He will almost certainly not be able to rely on Sergio Llull.. The Real Madrid goalkeeper suffered a bruise, and the coach confirmed after training on Saturday that he would not play it in case the player would be exposed to danger.

Pieces, cards, chips… everything is already on the table. All you have to do is play. Spain turns to its recent past, to the saga and to the aura of its ability to achieve what almost always seems impossible to bring down the greatest candidate in the duel; Canada, which, yes, did not know how to bear the pressure on Brazil.

The quarters pass through Canada. Glory runs through the epic. once again. Spain will be playing without a net once again, a situation this group has always handled well. This Sunday (3:30 p.m.), it’s all or nothing to be in Manila and once again belong to the top eight teams on the planet.

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