Teofemo Lopez loses to Camposos and all his light weight belts without being defeated

New York, USA.

It ended undefeated. Honduran Teofimo Lopez was defeated on Saturday night by Australian Jorge Camposos, who grabbed the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC belts.

Kambosos gave the surprise, beating and invaded the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, leaving the Brooklyn-born boxer Catracho who went 400 days without a fight, deeply affected.

Teófimo López visited the canvas in the first round of the fight after his right hand from Kambosos.

Both fighters entered the fight undefeated, but Camposos, who survived a knockout in the tenth round, made sure he was the one to come out with the crowns at stake.

The Australian (20-0, 10 KOs) defeated the undisputed lightweight champion “The Takeover” Lopez (16-1 12 KOs) and earned the WBA, IBF, WBO and WBC franchise.

The Australian hit hard in the face of Honduras.

The Australian faced severe blows in the face of Honduras.

Camposos knocked down Lopez with a big forehand late in the first round and largely outperformed Lopez until the ninth inning, which El Cracow clearly won.

Lopez brought down Camposos in the 10th round, but his opponent survived. The Australian recovered in the next round.

$!  Teofimo also sent Kambosos to the canvas.

Theophemo also sent Camposus to the painting.

Ultimately, Kambosos won 115-111 and 115-112 in two judges scorecards to improve to 20-0, with 10 KOs. The judge gave the fight to Lopez 114-113.

The moment Camposos sent Teofemo Lopez to the painting.

$!  Full in Madison Square Garden.

Full of Madison Square Garden.

Great atmosphere live on stage. Madison Square Garden is packed to the brim with the main event. There are many Hondurans.

Fighters Teófimo López and George Kambosos are already at Madison Square Garden to fight.

Theophimus words

Teofemo Lopez’s letter to the people of Honduras before the fight against Camposos. El Crachew is already on its way to Madison Square Garden.

This is what a fighting venue looks like, Madison Square Garden. We’re Inside with Eduardo Solano’s special coverage of Diario La Prensa.

Boxing fans began flocking to Madison Square Garden.

Boxing fans began flocking to Madison Square Garden.

“We don’t struggle for money, we struggle to be legends and we want more,” Teofemo Lopez’s father told Eduardo Solano hours before the fight against Camposos.

$!  Eduardo Solano interviewed Teofemo Lopez's father before the fight.

Eduardo Solano interviewed Teofemo Lopez’s father before the fight.

The Hondurans were already on the scene in support of their compatriot Teofemo Lopez on a night that bodes well for many emotions.

This caracho arrived at Madison Square Garden with a Honduran flag.

This caracho arrived at Madison Square Garden with a Honduran flag.

All event details in Eduardo Solano’s special coverage of Diario La Prensa from the legendary Madison Square Garden.

Eduardo Solano Covers Tiofemo Lopez's Fight Against Gambosos$!

Eduardo Solano covers Teofemo Lopez’s fight against Gambosos.

she was. Welcome to the minute by minute of the exciting evening of boxing taking place tonight from New York, where he will face Honduran Teofemo Lopez of Australia Jorge Camposos Jr.

the previous

Unified World Lightweight Champion, Honduran Teofimo Lopez tonight will finally present his first defense of his belts from the World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF), World Boxing Organization (WBO) and World Boxing Council (WBC), against Australian challenger George Campos Jr. .

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Lopez and Camposos have a lot in common, they both love another country that has opened doors for them.

Theophimo’s parents are Catracho by birth and Camposus of Greek descent.

The father of Teofemo Lopez, of the same name, was a boxing enthusiast. In the United States he practiced it in an amateur way, but his son at the age of six began training. In the words of his father: “I looked at a hero and trained him.”

El Gringo catracho won the 2015 National Lightweight Golden Gloves Championship. His amateur record was 150 wins and 20 losses.

However, due to his father’s immigration problems, he was not able to represent the United States at the 2016 Rio Olympics, as he did for Honduras.

At the end of that year, he made his professional debut, beating Mexican Ishwar Siqueiros.

Jorge Camposos will be looking to strike the big punch in the boxing world by trying to snatch the four belts out of the lightweight division. This will be a unique opportunity for the Australian, who in his childhood suffered from bullying due to his overweight.

“He was an overweight kid who was bullied at school. At that time I was also playing rugby and struggling to keep up with the team because my physical condition was so bad, so my dad and I decided to try boxing in the off season. Boxing caught up to me quickly, I lost 14 kilograms and worked to become a fighter,” said the boxer.

He tried unsuccessfully to be a surfing lifeguard, his life changed and his father, an electrician, was his mentor throughout his career. As a result, his rugby performance also improved, but there came a time in his teens when he had to pick a sport and switch to gloves.

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Of Greek origin, Kambosos possesses an identity so distinct by his ancestors that he wears several tattoos of Spartan warriors on his back.

In addition, he has an eccentric personality, and went on to say that he is “Australia’s best athlete” and said, “I really think I should have been born in the 30s. That’s the kind of savage I am now. I bring that raw aggression to the boxing ring.” … kill or die.”

Both parents are their coach and the most notable detail between them is that they are undefeated as professionals. Teofimo has 16 fights and 12 wins by knockout, which is 75% of a win this way. Its height is 1.73 meters.

Kambosos set a record of 19 fights and 10 knockouts, 52.6% overpowering his opponents in this way. Its length is 1.76 meters.

fight time

Boxing card will start at 7:00 PM.

The fight can only be watched live through the DAZN broadcasting platform which reaches more than 200 countries, however, a monthly subscription is required to enjoy the broadcast.


At 7.00 pm the first card battle begins.

First fight (110 pounds)
Cristina Cruz (New York) – Marigne Velenga (Utah)

Second Battle (122 lbs)
Ramla Ali (Londris, ING) – Isilla Vera (Long Beach, CA)

The third match (275 pounds)
Xili Zhang (Zhoukou, China) – Craig Lewis (Detroit, USA)

Fourth match (125 pounds)
Raymond Ford (New Jersey, USA) – Felix Carabalo (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico)

Fifth match (130 pounds)
Azinga Fuzile (South Africa) – Kenish Ogawa (Japan)

* Fight All Stars (135 pounds)
Teofemo Lopez (New York, USA) – George Camposos (Australia).

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