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In the Astronomical calendar on April 14th These are prominent events that took place on this day in Argentina and around the world.

1912. On her maiden voyage, The Titanic An iceberg hits and begins to sink. The effect occurs at 23:40. The most luxurious ship of its time, which even God was said to not drown, disappears from the surface at 2:20 AM on April 15th. It carried 2,223 people on board and 1,517 people died in one of the largest shipwrecks in peacetime. The flight was from Southampton to New York and the sinking occurred near the island of Newfoundland. Oceanologist Robert Ballard found the shipwreck in 1985.

1923. Roberto de Vicenzo was born in Villa Ballester. Argentina’s greatest golfer, and one of the nation’s greatest 20th-century athletes, reached the summit in 1967, when he beat the British Open, the most prestigious tournament in the world. A year later, a foul occurred in the card, when another stroke was accidentally recorded, which prevented him from winning the Augusta Masters Championship. His decision not to protest was an example of chivalry. He passed away in 2017.

1931. The Second Republic was proclaimed in Spain. The Republican forces had achieved a resounding victory two days earlier in the elections that followed the end of Miguel Primo de Rivera’s dictatorship, and King Alfonso XIII left the country. It begins with an experience carved out by the Civil War and Franco’s military victory.

1978. The journalist dies Dante PanzeriHe is 56 years old. He was born in Cordoba and featured in the magazine Draw, Who became its manager. In the confrontation, he harshly criticized the Argentine football establishment and defended good play against the tactic. He left two books: Football, unexpected dynamics s Bourgeoisie and gangster in sports. At the time of his death he was a vocal critic of the 78th World Cup in Argentina, which began a month and a half later.

1986. In Paris he dies Simone de Beauvoir At 78 years old. A feminist symbol, she was the passionate partner of Jean-Paul Sartre. author The second genderHe also wrote novels like Mandarin (Which he won the Goncourt Prize in 1954, the highest prize for French literature), and his notes are in four volumes: Young Woman’s Official DiaryAnd the The fullness of lifeAnd the The power of things s A very sweet death.

Additionally, it is Americas Day and International Chagas Day.

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