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The project was born in 2005, but was not officially launched until 2008. Since then, Android It has become the most popular operating system in the world. It was designed for mobile devices, but over time it reached all kinds of devices. Despite its bulk, it still There are those who do not know their hidden codes.

The operating system is owned by Google It is highly customizable and easy to use for developers and programmers. The above keys allow access to various functions that are necessary at these times.

Due to the continuous technological development, which is developing faster and faster, recorded a large number of cafe attack or virtual tricks White electronics.

Third-party software or APK files – the most popular package format available for Android – is one of the most used hook agents by hackers, since in many cases users install not only the application in question, but also many applications. Components that can damage our mobile phones and even steal personal information or Our contact numbers

However, you don’t have to be an expert on it Learn the secret codes that reveal whether your cell phone has been hacked or not.

What numbers should you call to find out if your Android phone has been hacked?

  • ## 002 #: If your cell phone is hacked, with this code you can redirect incoming calls from attackers.
  • *#62#: With this code, you can access the entire list of calls that have been forwarded, and thus did not enter your device. There you can decide if you really want to continue the process or deactivate it.
  • *#Twenty one#: By dialing this code on your cell phone, you will be able to see if data, calls and messages are transferred.
  • *#06#– Here you can access your IMEI code that uniquely identifies your device worldwide. Hackers often tend to modify this section. Compare it with the number that came in the original box to avoid any inconvenience.
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