Queen Charlotte is getting her own series on Netflix

The Bridgeton It has become one of the most popular series on Netflix. However, the history-inspired drama doesn’t seem to stop in the newly released second season. Now, one of the most famous characters in the entire production, Queen Charlotte, He will get his own chain that will be a prequel For the story we see on screen today.

According to comments from EagleThe Pour with closed eyes The Bridgeton served to Take another look at the ethnic differences in society; In both contemporary time and the time when the drama is taking place. What would happen if a great love story could defeat racism? They ask from the above method. So Queen Charlotte will become the new muse by Shonda Rhimes.

Reims, according to Eagleplanning to write a prequel Focus on the great love between King George and Queen Charlotte. After all, this amazing woman’s race had been a topic of discussion since the first time she ever set foot in court. Queen Charlotte was a black woman who helped shape society at the time by marrying her husband, King George.

Prequel series about Queen Charlotte eight episodes. In them, we will see how love overcomes the barriers of society and racism; He created a new era within the British gentry and in the rest of Europe.

More details about the series The Bridgeton Focused on Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte in The Bridgeton

The show comes on the heels of the second season premiere of The Bridgertons on March 25, which broke the audience record for an English-language Netflix series in its opening weekend.

So far, it is not known under what name this new series about Queen Charlotte will arrive. Of course, we already know that the actress India Amarteview has been chosen to play the role of young Carlotta. It will also see Golda Rocheval taking part as the queen we already met in her two seasons The Bridgeton.

Adjoa Andoh and Ruth Gemmell They will also return to their roles as Lady Agatha Danbury and Lady Violet Bridgerton., respectively. Michelle Fairley, Cory Melchrist, Arsima Thomas, and Sam Clemett will also join the cast. Richard Cunningham, Tunji Kassem, Rob Maloney, and Cyril Neri will be part of the historical production.

Carlotta de Amartevio has promised the King of England against her will and arrives in London only to realize that the royal family is not what she expected. As you learn to navigate the palace… you become one of Europe’s most memorable kings.

The Hollywood Reporter

Reims and Betsy Beers will join as executive producers From the series Queen Charlotte. We’ll also have Tom Verica, who’s already involved in instinct anatomyAnd the scandal And the The Bridgeton; As Executive Director and Production Manager.

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