Android 14: How to turn any cell phone into a webcam

The new operating system will also provide an important cybersecurity tool through passkeys. (Unsplash)

despite of Android 13 It was launched at the end of 2022 and is not yet available for all mobile phones, and there is already news about the possible functions of the new version of OS. An analysis revealed that Google is developing an option to use a cell phone how webcam.

While this feature isn’t entirely new iPhone It can sync with other Apple products to get the job done, Google I decided that in the case of Android cell phones a cable would have to be used USB to access this feature.

analyst, Mishaal Rahman Pointed out that this function of mobile phones is already built into the programming code of Android 14, which is still in the development stage. Unlike other services, this one does not require an additional app.

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according to Rehmanwhen using a file USB cable To charge a cell phone from the computer, a list of options will be displayed including “Webcam” and selecting it will activate the front camera to participate in video call.

Android 14 will have the option to use the cell phone as a webcam. Follow Favorite

The expert stressed that one of the positive aspects of this function is that unlike mobile phones such as iPhone Who can activate this feature only users of manzanacable use USB It allows universal compatibility with any other computer, regardless of its manufacturer.

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This option may be present on non-existing mobile phones pixels (which normally receives a updates or improvements in the first place), which will increase the number of people who will be able to access it.

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However, this wouldn’t be the first time that this feature appeared on mobile phones with the operating system. android. branded devices Motorolalike Edge 20 released in 2021, also allowed for this sync.

It can include a feature called password (which reached iPhone during 2022) which aims to improve the security of user passwords.

Google already allows you to associate access tokens with your accounts, avoiding the use of traditional passwords.

With this function, they are passwords websites And Applications You will be bound in a way fingerprints Like scanning a face or fingerprints, so you no longer need to retype them, share them with third parties, and even use them in front of other people because you won’t be hitting any keys.

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On the other hand, you will add gestures behind. In the new version, a preview will be shown of where this action will be directed, with an image shown next to a file a screen while scrolling or pressing the button.

It would also change the default layout for a file Applications on screens cell phone to make them compatible with foldable models that have more room to display them, as well as to offer them possible new designs.

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This will make better use of the board cell phone So that there are no black spaces that are an inconvenience to the user experience.

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