Russia receives new Su-34 fighters for its space forces

The Russian Air Force recently received a new batch of Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers, according to the state corporation Rostec in an official statement. This is the first batch of combat aircraft delivered in 2023.

Su-34s strengthen Russia’s combat fleet

The last two Su-34 fighter-bombers were delivered by the United Aircraft Corporation at the end of December 2022., corresponding to the Su-34M version. These aircraft were assigned to the 277th Bomber Regiment, based in the city of Khabarovsk, in the Eastern Military District.

According to Rostec’s statement, the UAC Novosibirsk Aviation Plant has completed delivery of the new batch of Su-34s. Although quantity or unit was not specified, it was confirmed that all aircraft passed flight and acceptance tests, which is a prerequisite before delivery to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Russian Su-34. Image credit: Creative Commons.

Commitment to effective air defense

Yuri Slyusar, CEO of United Aircraft Corporation, said: “UAC is keeping to the aircraft delivery schedule for this year. Recently, another Il-76MD-90A was delivered on the eve of the VTA. The Su-34 batch marks the first deliveries of the tactical aircraft this year. As part of Rostec, UAC faces the important task of providing the Russian Ministry of Defense with new highly efficient aviation systems.

“We are fulfilling our obligations under the State Defense Order in a timely manner and, in cooperation with the military, are doing the work necessary to keep the aircraft fleet operational.”

Su-34 attacks mercenary deployment in Ukraine
Su-34 attacks mercenary deployment in Ukraine.

A new batch of Su-34: compensation for combat losses

Since the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022, Su-34 bombers of the Russian Air Force actively participated in attacks and bombings against Ukrainian units and positions.

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This involvement had consequences, including the loss of aircraft in combat. The delivery of new batches of aircraft aims to compensate for these losses and maintain the operational capacity of Russian aviation.

Although it was not mentioned in Rostec’s official statement, it is expected to find out if this new batch of Su-34 fighter-bombers is part of the contract signed in 2020 between the Russian Ministry of Defense and the UAC for the acquisition of 24 Su. – 34 m aircraft.

How many Su-34 fighter-bombers have been delivered to the Russian Air Force?

Rostec’s statement did not specify the exact number of Su-34 fighter jets delivered in this latest batch. However, it was confirmed that all aircraft passed flight and acceptance tests before being handed over to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

What is the importance of Su-34 bombers for Russian defense?

Su-34 fighter-bombers play an important role in Russia’s air defense. They are versatile aircraft that can carry themWhat are the main characteristics of the Su-34 fighter? To carry out ground and air superiority missions. Their ability to carry a wide range of weapons and their advanced avionics system make them an effective platform for various military operations.

What other air forces use the Su-34 fighter-bomber?

In addition to the Russian Air Force, the Su-34 fighter-bomber is also used by the Algerian Air Force. Algeria acquired a batch of the Su-34 in 2006 and became the first foreign customer to operate the aircraft.

What is the combat capability of the Su-34 fighter?

Su-34 has great combat capability. It can carry out ground attack missions using precision weapons and can participate in air superiority operations through the use of air-to-air missiles. In addition, it has electronic defense systems and countermeasures to protect itself from enemy threats.

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