An Argentinian went running in Germany and witnessed an ugly situation with a man: “Be careful”

An Argentine woman spoke about the most tragic situation she faced in Germany. (Video: TikTok/@abcdefgiuliana)

a Argentinian guy in which he lives Germany Calculated by his account Tik Tok The bad moment that happened in the European country. Afraid of the situation, I explained I went out to train Like every day. During the exercise, he came across three times A strange-looking man ran away. The video went viral and issued a warning to his followers.

Juliana He immigrated a few months ago and since then he has been uploading videos telling the stories of his arrival Hanover. Through his posts, he presents his experiences in the European country and each of his clips catches the attention of his users platform. In the past few hours, A ugly moment who lived a few days ago.

The young woman went out to practice sports in Germany and lived through a traumatic experience. (photo: Instagram/@abcdefgiuliana)

under the user @employeeHe shared the traumatic experience he had in Germany. The girl managed to adjust quickly to her new life and follows a routine that she repeats day in and day out. However, in one of his last clips, he tells what happened to him. “Take carehe said at the end.

“I go for runs regularly and then, I climb 100 degreesHe said. Last Sunday, he went out to exercise because there was “no one” in town. “I do this one at a time mountainHe explained. “When I got to the base of the stairs, in the middle of the woods, I started to warm up,” he said.

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While doing physical activity, he met the same man three times and got scared. (photo: Instagram/@abcdefgiuliana)

At that moment, as he was recording, he noticed that the man He passed behind her on a bicycle. “He walked past me but kept looking at meHe added. He started his drill, went up the steps and when he got back to base, he saw the same guy It passes in the opposite direction. “It seemed strange to me because it takes so long to walk around the forest,” he said.

That’s when Juliana’s “alarm” went off. After a while it calmed down and never appeared again. However, 10 minutes later, as he was walking down the 100 stairs again, he saw the bike lying on the ground And the man goes up the stairs. “I did not think and act but to get out I had to cross steep area“, He said.

The girl ran away and managed to escape. He said, “Actually, he was following me.” (photo: Instagram/@abcdefgiuliana)

When he reached the flat part, he looked back and saw that the man had climbed the ladder and also the steep part. He said, “Actually, he was following me,” but can run away. The post had 142,000 views and 9,500 “likes”. In the comments, users thanked that nothing happened.

“Be careful, don’t trust yourself, crime is everywhere,” said one user. Another girl added, “Trust your instincts.” Another young woman responded in the video: “You can see how strong it is, even though we live in Europe we have to be very attentive and luckily nothing happened to you.”

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