Legend Roberto Carlos says the United States has already overtaken Mexico in soccer

There are painful truths, but the ones that are released legendary ex player Robert Carlosabout what The United States has already surpassed Mexico in soccerIt is almost unquestionable.

Former Brazilian soccer player Roberto Carlos holds nothing back when comparing the level of soccer that the United States has reached in relation to that of Mexico, which continues to be. sunk in average.

The United States confirmed that it is better than Mexico in the League of Nations

After what happened in the semi-finals of the Nations Championship in which the selection was made The United States crushed the Mexican national teamThe theory that the Stars and Stripes representative has surpassed the Aztecs, has been confirmed before Robert Carlos.

“Football has become too equal,” the legend Roberto Carlos warned in a press conference, before giving football in Mexico his all, compared to the level football has reached in the United States.

“I don’t think Mexico has lowered their way of playing, but the team’s development is remarkable,” Roberto Carlos added regarding the sustained growth that the United States is enjoying in soccer practice, something that does not happen with what is happening. The Mexican national team appears.

Roberto Carlos praised the way the United States has developed soccer, creating a mix of domestic and foreign players, “This shows that American soccer, MLS is making great signings,” said the Brazilian.

The former Real Madrid player appreciated the methodology that exploded football talents in the United States, “And Mexico knows that in order to be better than the United States, it must improve a lot,” said the legendary Roberto Carlos.

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Mexico has overtaken the United States in soccer

The legendary Roberto Carlos Systematic values ​​that made talent explode in United States Soccer In the last years.

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“And Mexico knows that to be better than the United States, it must improve a lot,” said Roberto Carlos, while recalling that before Mexico was doing well and the United States was growing. “Now the United States is in a better football moment than Mexico.”

What Roberto Carlos announced is almost unquestionable, to the point that the United States is humiliated Mexican national team Without having an official coach, he quickly sacked Diego Coca from the Aztec representative.

Fate may soon face Mexico and the United States again on a soccer field, as both will play the Gold Cup starting this weekend, the tournament in which they usually advance to the final stages, measured by the championship.

Jaime Lozano is the new coach of the Mexican national team, and he will seek to promote his new project against the United States, until they remove the temporary designation from him.

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