An actors’ strike halted filming on the second season of The Sandman

Neil Gaiman has confirmed that season 2 of The Sandman has halted production, now that the writers and artists have gone on strike until a deal is reached.

Hollywood Writers Strike Gained strength in recent weeks, and now Screen Actors Guild She also joined the protests, which caused many productions that were underway despite no screenwriters having to. Temporarily stop shooting. The second season of hypnotist For Netflix, it was confirmed recently.

Neil Gaiman, creator hypnotistwrote that “strike SAG-AFTRA I started. hypnotist It stops firing completely, along with everything else creaking without a book“.

for the message too added your desires to see PTAMP Reason, to sit down with scriptwriters and performers to negotiate terms. Unfortunately, the writer doesn’t hold them all: “I have no reason at this point to believe they will come to their senses.“.

The fact is that the second season to hypnotist It had already started shooting in various locations in the UK last June, but now its production is on hold until further notice, adding to another series of Netflix how Weird things which also suffered indefinite hiatus.

The Sandman series is discontinued

Other series like Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon HBO Max has suffered a different fate, and despite the blows that affected many American productions, it is moving forward due to the presence of a large British crew that is regulated by different legislation.

It seems that new season to hypnotist It will take some time to get to Netflix, but this month we will be able to enjoy another series of Neil Gaiman: Good omenwhich also presents its second season in the coming days to continue telling us a story that takes place in our world, but from the perspective of an angel and a demon.

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