La Nación Why is the time for Simulators?

20 years have passed since the premiere of the series. Now, after several years of rumors, what their fans have been waiting for so long is becoming a reality: they are back in a feature film.

By: Luis Rios

No, it wasn’t fake news. It was real. Finally the movie is here, but let’s move on to parts. What are they simulation? The series is based on a group of four partners or colleagues working on the simulation business.

This private group has been working since 1989, to solve the problems and needs of its clients through what they call “simulations”, which consist of deceiving those who generate their clients’ problems, whether they are bosses, criminals, wives, widows, or the unscrupulous. merchants, etc.

There are 24 chapters divided into two seasons where Mario Santos, Pablo Lampon, Emilio Ravenna and Gabriel Medina solve problems that no one else can solve. In the words of critics, they were a kind of “South American A-team” or superhero with a great overlay of mind. To a lot? The best Argentine series in history. The truth is that, reviewing it today, it’s still exciting.

Ever since they decided to separate the team over 20 years ago, fans have been asking for a movie that ends The Simulators’ story as it truly deserves. Along the way, there were many appearances together that sparked excitement. The presentation of the new Estudiantes de La Plata stadium, some posters for the new season launch of Lupine on Netflix or a message at the start of the pandemic were some brief warnings of what was to come.

So, below we review some of the reasons why this is a fair and necessary movie of 2024.

1- Required ending: The conclusion of the second season leaves many without flavors and more with the spread of affection that came mainly from Medina towards his companions. One last great mission is necessary.

2. What have they done with their lives?: There are questions that do not allow us to sleep. If Lampon can finally find love and start a family. If Ravenna still deals with her mother and her harem. If Medina tries to communicate with his comrades every day off. Yes Santos… Still Santos.

3 – Damien Zefron’s new movie: After that Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film for Wild Tales and the cancellation of The Six Billion Dollar Man, we need something new from this brilliant director and screenwriter, creator of the original series.

4. We all need a group that solves what no one else can do: In the current context of much skepticism, the audacity of the four emulators is needed.

The movie will be released in theaters in 2024 and we still don’t know if it will reach Paraguay theaters. The sure thing is that it can be seen later on the Paramout+ platform that Gs now owns. 28,900 per month plus corresponding taxes. Full episodes can be replayed here.

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