America’s lake turned pink: why?

Hawaii It is a paradise destination chosen by millions of tourists every year to relax and connect with nature. But recently a strange change has occurred lake It caught the attention of scientists, because it suddenly got… Pink coloring.

Although many may be excited about the natural landscape, the reality is that researchers have analyzed the phenomenon and concluded that color appears to respond to drought. They also warned people not to swim in the water or drink it.

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A pond in Maui, Hawaii, has turned pink, something that is puzzling scientists

According to media like CBS Newscrew Kealeya Pond National Wildlife Refuge, in Shelter in Hawaiihas been monitored Pink water Since it changed color on October 30th. Brett Wolf, the shelter’s director, said he received a report from someone who was walking on the beach and called him saying, “There’s something strange going on here.”

Initially, the color was thought to be caused by an algae invasion, but tests conducted in a laboratory at the University of… Hawaii They found that this was not the cause, but rather an organism called HalobacteriaIt is a single-celled species that reproduces in water bodies that contain a high percentage of salt. The salt level inside the pond is greater than 70 parts per thousand, twice the salinity of seawater.

Another reason why experts think it might be so Halobacteria It’s the drought he went through. Shelter As usual, the stream flows into the Kealia pond and raises the water level, but this has not happened for a long time.

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However, further analysis still needs to be done to determine whether this is indeed the organism or not, because the place has already gone through other periods of drought and high salinity before. Although yes, none of the specialists or people who worked at the shelter had seen it lake By this color, even the volunteers who have been actively involved in the park for the past 70 years were surprised.

What is certain is that this strange color aroused the interest of visitors, who arrived in large numbers after the issue spread on social networking sites. In this regard, the official said that although he would prefer people to come and learn about his mission of preserving endangered local waterfowl and restoring wetlands, he knows that in reality they will only see Pink water

Those in charge of the shelter ask visitors not to try to swim in it lakeOr drink the water or eat some fish caught there. Although they made it clear that they had discovered that so far Pink coloring It did not cause harm to wildlife.

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