The United States will support El Salvador in the field of cybersecurity and attracting technology investments

The United States committed to supporting the building of a diverse supply chain, allowing “the development of future communications technologies such as 6G.”

On Friday, the governments of the United States and El Salvador announced a mutual commitment to create a regulatory framework that supports cybersecurity in communications networks, as well as a policy to attract investments that transform the Salvadoran territory into a “technology hub,” in a joint declaration between the Under Secretary of International Trade of the United States, Marisa Lago, and the Minister of Economy of El Salvador, María Luisa Heim, the two governments are committed to deepening cooperation in the field of digital policy. The announcement came a day after Lago held a busy day of workshops and meetings with Salvadoran businessmen. Lago was accompanied by a delegation of international cybersecurity experts who spoke with officials and senior executives about data protection. Heim explained that guests included representatives of “government partner companies” such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Fortinet, Siscom, Google, and Oracle all attended the cybersecurity workshop. “A fruitful conversation and we are in a good moment to work together,” Haim said at a conference in which journalists were not allowed to ask questions. Undersecretary Lago reiterated that El Salvador is a “very important partner” of the United States. His visit reaffirms this commitment. He added: “We have discussed the policy options that are necessary for this digital landscape that we see every day, but that will serve as a conduit for many future commitments between our governments and the private sector.”

Path to 6G network.

According to the announcement, the workshop identified “means” for improving cooperation between Washington and San Salvador through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, a standards tool for private organizations to enhance risk management and information security. “We agree to an open and comprehensive commitment to support reliable global data flows that are vital to cross-border trade and our economies,” the two institutions noted. The US Secretary of Commerce also committed to working with El Salvador to ensure the resilience of communications networks, including building the supply chain and developing future technologies, such as the 6G network. For her part, Minister Heim stressed that El Salvador is witnessing a “rapid transformation” with “technology as the DNA” of public administration. The official stressed that the attraction for employing new capital is the latest law on tax incentives for technological investments. “We have a dream to create an innovation center in El Salvador where local, international, multinational, micro and small startups can find in El Salvador a place to establish, operate and grow in an accelerated way,” he added.

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